In Syria, again shot down a military aircraft

According to unconfirmed reports, near the Syrian capital was shot down a military aircraft.

This morning there were reports that a Syrian military reconnaissance aircraft had been shot down in the southern suburb of Damascus. It is known that the aircraft monitored the positions of the terrorists of the Islamic State (IGIL, a terrorist group whose activities are banned in the territory of the Russian Federation - ed.), With the aim of causing air, missile and artillery strikes.

According to information provided by the militants, on May 10, a reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the Syrian Air Force was shot down in the skies over Damascus, while the model of the aircraft was not specified. Despite the fact that almost a day has passed since the appearance of this information, no official confirmation from the Syrian Ministry of Defense has been received on this data.

It should be clarified that in the arsenal of the terrorists of the "Islamic State" group there are portable anti-aircraft missile systems that can completely destroy military aircraft.

Given the information provided in open sources, it is most likely a MiG-25R fighter, however, due to the fact that the information has not been officially confirmed, the information provided by the terrorists may not correspond to reality.

* MiG-25R - High-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. It is intended for carrying out optical, electronic and radar reconnaissance from high altitudes. The composition of the photographic equipment is four A-70M and one topographic A-E / 10. The keels housed additional fuel tanks.

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