Almost a hundred 9M22S missiles hit Turkish terrorists in Syria

Turkish terrorists in Syria were covered with a hundred 9M22S missiles.

Syrian opposition sources report that for the first time in several years, Syrian forces have used 9M22S ammunition against terrorists in the northwest of the Arab Republic. The latter are standard missiles for Grad multiple launch rocket systems, with the only feature that we are talking about incendiary ammunition that can literally burn out the positions of terrorists.

About a day ago, the news agency reported that the strikes with incendiary ammunition could have been delivered by the Russian Aerospace Forces. Then it turned out that the strikes were carried out by the Syrian military, moreover, in the last 12 hours alone, about a hundred 9M22S missiles were fired at terrorist positions.

According to the data presented, the north-western part of the province of Latakia was subjected to the most powerful attacks. This, obviously, as sources previously stated, is due to the attempts of the Syrian army to drive terrorists out of the region for their subsequent encirclement and destruction. It is noteworthy that under the blows of incendiary ammunition, terrorists are forced to leave their warehouses with weapons and ammunition, as well as equipment. This greatly simplifies the elimination of militants.

I don’t understand what kind of news are you telling here? There are forty guides in the MLRS Grad, one hundred missiles - this is a salvo of two and a half installations, this is nothing at all. And what 12 hours are we talking about? Hundreds of rockets fire back in minutes



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