Exploded armored car


US military convoy was blown up in Syria

Unknown persons blew up a convoy with the American military in Syria.

After the provocative actions of the American military against the citizens of Syria, a group of unknown persons blew up a convoy with the American military in the eastern part of the Arab Republic. As a result of two successive explosions, there was damage to military equipment, however, it was possible to do without casualties. Information on this matter is provided by the Syrian news agency "SANA".

During the movement of the convoy of the American military between the settlements of Bir al-Khelu and Umm al-Azham, two improvised explosive devices detonated, as a result of which the equipment was damaged. Information about the damage is not given, however, almost immediately after the attack, the United States sent additional troops to the region, fearing that the undermined military convoy would be subjected to another attack.

"As a result of the attack, vehicles in the military convoy suffered significant damage, followed by the mobilization of US-backed pro-American Qasd militias in the area.", - the SANA news agency reports.

At the moment, none of the groups has claimed responsibility for undermining the American military convoy. Nevertheless, an ultimatum was previously delivered to American troops in Iraq and Syria - pro-Iranian groups threaten to unleash a full-scale guerrilla war against the United States if American troops are not withdrawn from Iraq.

Some mercenaries from the American PMCs attacked obedient soldiers of the US Armed Forces by mistake ... There were precedents, of course ...))))

no one undermined them, they drunk on rusty equipment crashed into a post. Good equipment was sold to the Afghan Taliban and loyal Kurds. Now we have to write it off somehow.



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