Base fire


Turkish military base completely destroyed in Syria

In northern Syria, the Turkish checkpoint was completely destroyed.

In the area of ​​the Syrian city of Tel Tamr, a Turkish military base was completely destroyed. Previously, there were at least 50 Turkish military personnel, armored vehicles and communications equipment, however, according to local sources, for unknown reasons, a severe fire started on the base, and later the evacuated Turkish military were noticed.

Despite the fact that after a few hours no details were received from Turkey, there was information that at the time of the outbreak of a severe fire, there were no explosions at the Turkish military base, on the basis of which the media stated that the base was burned by the Turkish military themselves, who decided to transfer their forces to other areas.

“The Turkish army began a retreat from positions in Syria, which it occupied near the settlement of Tel Tamr in the northern province of Hasek. This was reported by North Press on Twitter. Reasons for relocation are not indicated. According to the agency, the Turkish army is also leaving the settlements of Shabliya, Al-Manajir and Es-Saud in northern Syria - exactly where the operation "Source of Peace" took place. North Press stresses that Turkey burns all its positions before leaving them. ”- сообщает, citing Syrian media.

A number of sources suggested that the reason for the possible evacuation of the Turkish military was the intention to launch a military operation not only in the northwestern part of Syria, but also in the northern part of the Arab Republic, in connection with which it was decided to remove the positions of the Turkish army in order to protect military personnel from retaliatory strikes, however. at the same time, there is evidence that, in reality, the reason for the destruction of the Turkish base was an attack on it by Kurdish military forces.