With the launch of the rocket-400


In Syria, Turkish aircraft deployed against modern systems S-400

Russia deploys in Syria complexes S-400.

From the statement made by Sergei Shoigu, it follows that in relation to the incident to destroy a Russian bomber Turkish Air Force, the Russian airbase in need of a good defense, and therefore, unfolding in Syria missile systems S-400 is an important need to protect the interests of Russian troops on its territory countries.

In turn, it is necessary to note the fact that the Russian C-400 missile systems are capable of intercepting virtually any air targets at very remote distances, which in turn will make it possible to actively monitor the approaching combat aircraft of neighboring countries, and, if necessary, destroy them when illegal crossing of airspace.

It was high time to do so.
Very precise determination-stab in the back. I would add, sneaky stab in the back from under Tishka!
But if before the attack would have put a-400, the Westerners have raised a howl, against whom? Now (after the attack) is
every reason to arm with a combat-400 cover.
And based on the fact that Turkey is not only not going to apologize, but also threatens to further act in the same spirit, the case only during the time when
with-400 show itself in the work.
After all, Turkey would be very uncomfortable to stop flying over Syria. It is necessary from time to time to bomb the Kurds, it is necessary to show that they (Turkey) in the region, the dominant force,
to conduct reconnaissance in favor of the ISIS, etc. This means that in order not to "lose face" they will continue their provocative flights over Syria.
That's when RUSSIAN can legitimately and adequately respond to or by-400 (if far will the Turkish intruder) or videoconferencing Russian fighter (and if it is close in range missiles, air-to-air)
Now, open the card-Turkey accomplice of terrorists!
If earlier (before the attack on the Russian VKS) is not discussed in the open, of political correctness, it is now openly voiced
President of Russia!
And with collaborators igil can not stand on ceremony.
And Western intercessors will no longer be able to "harness" to the full extent of the Ottomans who have discredited themselves.



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