Armored vehicle


In Syria, they tested the latest Russian armored vehicles - VPK-59095S. What is it?

It became known about the testing of the latest Russian armored vehicles in Syria.

Following the tests of the Russian heavy tank T-14 "Armata", the Russian military tested the latest armored vehicle in Syria - the VPK-59095S. We are talking about a unique vehicle designed specifically for work in armed conflicts, while the VPK-59095S is a high-tech military equipment, since the cost of one armored car varies between 600-800 thousand dollars.

The VPK-59095S is an advanced Russian multipurpose armored vehicle capable of carrying 12 people in the cabin, while the newest armored car is not afraid of mines and small explosive devices - even when an IED is detonated with a capacity of up to 6 kilograms in TNT equivalent, the durability of this vehicle is guaranteed.

"The armored vehicle" VPK - Ural "is designed to carry 12 people in full gear, including the driver. At the same time, they are located in one volumetric armored body, providing class 2 ballistic protection according to OTT Optionally, the level of ballistic protection can be increased to class 3-4 by installing hinged armor screens. Mine resistance protects the crew from the detonation of explosive devices under the wheel or bottom with a capacity of up to 6 kg in TNT equivalent. The multipurpose vehicle "VPK - Ural" is equipped with a domestic turbodiesel YaMZ-536, developing a power of 360 hp. and an automatic transmission. A 14-ton car on the highway is capable of a speed of at least 100 km / h ", - about it сообщает VPK LLC.

It is reported that the combat vehicle was tested on the territory of one of the countries of the Middle East, however, experts believe that it is about Syria.


Igor Isaev, you've overslept everything. Math lessons including

And what, the aircraft carriers are already half a million green? We must take it until it is snapped up.

The author is clearly beguiled, one such car cannot cost $ 600-800 million

600-800 million dollars? A box on wheels for the price of half an aircraft carrier? We are able, I would even say we can !!

600-800 million dollars? Someone seems to have lost his mind. The F-35 doesn't cost that much, but here's an armored car.