Attack in Syria


In Syria, a rocket attack destroyed a secret convoy of Turkish military equipment

An attempt by the Turkish military to transfer reinforcements to Idlib ended with the first losses.

The intentions of the Turkish side to transfer additional reinforcements to Idlib against the background of the expected assault on the region by the Russian, Syrian and Iranian armies ended with the first losses for the Turkish military. According to the information that was at the disposal of the news agency, as a result of a missile strike (a number of sources report a detonated IED, as well as a probable strike by a kamikaze drone - ed.), The Turkish Kirpi II armored car was completely destroyed. Two Turkish soldiers were killed, and five more are in critical condition.

In the photographs presented, you can see that as a result of the explosion, the Turkish armored car was completely destroyed. The armored vehicles could not withstand the powerful explosion and even overturned the multi-ton vehicle.

In addition, the vehicle of the Turkish militants also fell under the missile attack, however, the pickup, in which there were five terrorists, suffered much less - it was only touched by shrapnel and a blast wave.

Syrian sources report that the attack on the Turkish military convoy was carefully coordinated, and, apparently, the attack was carried out from an ATGM from a pre-equipped position.



The Turkish side has not yet made any explanations as to why the agreements with Russia were violated and additional Turkish forces were transferred to Idlib.

We wait.

The most they can take is a pie that fell from the hands of a killed terrorist; D

If so, then the Turks will take Damascus in a week.