Complex Pantsir-S


In Syria, criticized the shortcomings of the Russian ZRPK "Pantsir-S"

In Syria, the shortcomings of the Pantsir-S complexes were criticized.

Despite the fact that the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile-cannon systems showed great success in repelling air strikes, including cruise missiles, in Syria they revealed a number of flaws in these complexes.

One of the most serious shortcomings of this complex is the need for constant maintenance, without which the system simply will not work properly. According to the military, the Soviet systems, which continue to be in service with the Syrian army, are completely lacking.

Moreover, as noted by the Syrian military, one of the drawbacks of this complex is the relatively small range of detection and destruction of aerial targets, and therefore one Pantsir-S can protect a fairly limited area.

Nevertheless, when deploying several complexes in the same territory, it is possible to provide almost 100% protection against enemy air strikes, as evidenced by the recent attempts by terrorists "Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham" (terrorist group officially banned in the Russian Federation - ed.) attack the Russian air base "Khmeimim", but completely failed due to the powerful defense of a military airfield.

So what did they criticize there: the shortcomings of the complex or the complex itself? I am a hangover and I do not understand these chocks.

It is from the category to give the rue a laptop in the hands of a monkey and then wonder why she writes with errors. And blame the laptop.
Well, firstly there is a tactic and strategy. And no one promised that one complex guarantees the cover of the object. For this, and built defense in depth. And about the minimization of service ...... Well, think about it. Although it is normal for everyone to clean and prepare weapons before the battle, and no one expects that the M16 will be self-cleaning.

What tactic? The complex should work in one copy. It is functionally made in this way, but in fact it cannot perform functions. And if you pile up a few, how much it will rise

Why do you believe the words of this resource. About the "comments Syrians" could invent right in the wording. Such things are discussed in closed meetings. Again in the article there is a refutation of their own fiction: "... when placing several complexes in the same territory allows virtually 100% protection against enemy air strikes ..." Yeah, the question is only in the tactics of use ...

strange statements of the Syrians about the insufficient radius of target detection at Pantsyr-S. Do they want a target detection range like Vega? then these comrades should not be allowed to operate the equipment at all, since they do not read the equipment forms, where the tactical-technical characteristics of the product and the purpose for its use are prescribed in black and white.

These strange Arabs, the cook, as if they have a choice ... I don’t like it, try to do at least something yourself. There is no air defense in the country, only point installations are standing, the enemy is against them with highly effective weapons ... Let them be glad that there is a shell, without a shell it would have remained only to run away

“Pantsir” is an unfortunate son of “Tunguska”, which, in turn, was not the most successful daughter of “Shilka”. Then, in the 1960-ies, mobile ZSU (anti-aircraft self-propelled installation) with its own radar, indeed, was a breakthrough - but since then much water has flowed under the bridge.

Subsonic drones or something similar to them, flying slowly and sadly, "Shell" will bring down. Although now in the world in fashion already larger calibers than 30 mm, and the appearance of 2018-mm systems on "Army-57" shows that they understand this in Russia too, but with a delay.

For the rest, there are more questions than answers. For example, how is a wheeled vehicle with a high center of gravity firing cannons in the direction of the board on the go? Right, not that, sir? Especially if the road is not perfectly smooth concrete. What about the capabilities of the missiles in firing at high-speed targets and targets making complex maneuvers? If the adversary pallet on the complex anti-radar missile, just not entering his zone of destruction? Or will he launch a rocket because of a hillock, having previously “highlighted” the target with the station above the screws? The "armor" after all - especially in the wheeled version - turned out to be a big machine, it is difficult to confuse it with something. And let's not forget the traditional question for our skeptics in connection with Western innovations: “Will the air defense work in the rain?” And how will the millimeter-wave radar work in the rain?

The Pantsir anti-aircraft missile system (ZRPK) has many problems. More than merits ... It would be surprising if the car, which had survived so much, had been deprived of them. However, at the moment, "shell" - is "a bird in the hand."

Yes, there are problems with the maneuverability of its missiles. But because the complex and did not go to the troops (for which it was originally intended), and was transferred to the object defense. When the enemy rocket bar directly onto the C-300 complex behind it, maneuverability is not very decisive. Yes, and other problems are completely solvable, but the time factor is running out. Still, the Pantsir ZRPK is now in its first normal war, and it is not surprising that its numerous “childhood diseases” that could not manifest itself at the testing grounds were revealed. (The same thing awaits C-300 and C-400, as soon as they are engaged against Israeli aviation. Therefore, they are held to their use and delayed in every way - they are afraid of a visual failure for the whole world.)

Yes, and what are our options? .. Chase the "crane in the sky" and try to build an even more complex machine? So that the 57-mm gun, and the radar more, and missiles more abruptly? Well, then it is not a fact that even on the chassis of the C-300 fit. Give up the ZRPK and make a bet on the SAM like "Torah"? It is good, but not suitable for many modern threats.

It is clear that we do not live in an ideal world. And it is clear that the export sales of the Pantsir under whatever sauce in the 1990s were in fact a matter of further survival for the design bureau. But now 2020s are looming in the courtyard, and it should be understood that the commercials with the Pantsiris burning in Syria seriously discredit not only the current opportunities for exporting Russian air defense systems, but also possible future contracts. For it is already heard in the Third World countries a scornful judgment about the Russian air defense systems, which cannot even protect themselves.

The Pantsir is good at object defense - so let it sit around Khmeimim’s airfield and knock down Babayev’s home-made products with details from Ali Express ... and does not try to fight Israeli high-tech tricks. And design teams should try to respond faster to new realities, and not continue to burn down the ideological and technical legacy of the Soviet era.

Israeli aircraft struck on the night of 20 on 21 in January of 2019. By the destruction of the Syrian (or rather, Russian) air defense, they came seriously. Here is an Israeli video ... Two Israeli aircraft rockets are flying into the first complex (at least), one from whose camera we see a picture, the second hits the complex a few seconds before the first one arrives. The complex is actively shooting back. Who exactly he is trying to hit is unclear, because his missiles almost immediately go out of scope.

Some sources claimed that the first destroyed complex was the Pechora, an export version of the C-125 Neva anti-aircraft missile system (SAM). Most likely, it is not so ...
The C-125 has a more direct trajectory of the missile’s flight in the initial segment than the trajectories we see in the Israeli commercial.

The second affected complex is the “Pantsir” ZRPK ... Judging by the picture, it was in a state that was not ready. The radar is not advanced and is in the stowed position, while rocket launchers are raised, as in a combat position. Outriggers (side stops for stability) are not installed and are also in the stowed position.

The balance of performance would more accurately show the statistics how many shot down aircraft missiles are spent on one burned Pantsir missile system. Unfortunately, statistics are not available to us. Israel reports that all aircraft missiles and bombs hit their targets in Syria. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation claims a completely fantastic number of shot down Israeli aircraft rockets. Will the same “Thor” show itself in similar conditions? Far from a fact ...

As for statistics, it is understandable ... All the military, especially the Soviet-Russian ones, like to report victories and losses on the principle of the Russian commander A.V. Suvorov, who gave his staff posts when writing triumphant reports such valuable instruction: "Write more, why them, basurman, sorry! ".

But for now, the bottom line is the fact that Israeli warplanes fly over Lebanon and Syria and bomb ... if not wherever they want, then at least in Syria there are many places where they bomb without meeting a worthy rebuff.

The Israeli Air Force carried out large-scale attacks on military installations in Syria (as reported in foreign media) on November 30 and December 26 on December 2018, January 12, and January 20 21. (In this case, we mean the air strikes on Syria that occurred after the tragic incident with the Russian IL-2019.) And these are only those air strikes that have received very wide coverage. But there was more information about several small combat raids and reconnaissance flights of Israeli aircraft over Syria.

In most cases, Israeli warplanes strike Syria with aircraft missiles and planning bombs from Lebanese airspace, but not always ... On the night from 20 to 21 in January 2019, Israeli fighter-bombers F-16I "Sufa" ("Thunderstorm") flew directly into the airspace of Syria. And then it was destroyed ZRPK "shell" (or, according to other sources, two "shell").

And I think that this is just the author's fabrications!

They want the magic lamp of Aladdin, so as not to feed, so that you want anything, so that you do not need to stand on the shelf for now, but you have to lose and make a wish ..... And cheaper, but better in vain

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The need for constant maintenance is not associated with the reliability of technology. With reliability everything is in order. It's just that our people who service this equipment get rather large travel allowances for business trips to Syria.
It is not surprising that in this situation the equipment requires constant maintenance.

Of course, such a technically sophisticated weapon requires maintenance and certain skills. And what did you want to get, a stick-stick, which is kept in the barn from the birds. Want modern weapons, purchase a complex of protection in sufficient quantities. It is natural that the flaws of the weapons are revealed in the fighting, on the range and on paper you cannot calculate them, and the enemy does not sit still, constantly inventing new tricks.

These complexes are short-range, they are designed to protect plants, airfields. Want more, put the last generation beeches and you will be happy!

Idiots, everyone! The complex is designed to work in the system, but with a loner he doesn’t need anyone to fuck. A single will be destroyed from the distance 100 km., If the latter is included in the search.

Well, let them sit with C-125! I also need to maintain the argument ... But before that it was not necessary ... Previously, the water was also wet! Let them first learn how to pay for the product they received, and then discuss what they expected for their money ...

not the first time the Arabs are not happy with a complete set of weapons; why without a crew?

It is difficult to make a horse out of a donkey!

If only to fend off their missiles (aircraft), then it is dead. During their attacks to strike at the locations and then there will be no new attacks.

They remind me of the person who bought the iron and are dissatisfied that he does not wash. Represent: it is necessary to service the technician, about horror. I served on С200, the platoon commander, so we constantly served the launchers, this is a technique.
Syrians have crooked hands, they do not care, it is still bad.

None of the weapons (especially “smart”) was immediately attributed to 100%. There were always flaws and flaws fixed and fixed. The experience of exploitation in real combat is invaluable. It will definitely be used to improve the product. the main thing.

The armor is a battery complex and should work as part of the battery !!! Then it is effective and the affected area is decent !! And it is necessary to maintain any equipment!

And it’s good that the comments are made - such deficiencies (about constant maintenance) are not revealed to the teachings! And in terms of detection range, the Pantsyr has its own niche of use.

The shell system is designed to cover the object and a column of tanks in the near zone 20 km, as well as the Tunguska last line of defense of air defense

Shell, effective in the work of the complex with 400, beech, I agree with the comments above, shell is part of a large-scale protection complex. When a rocket slips through all the rest, the task of the shell is to finish off.

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Experts fucking! The shell is designed to work in conjunction with C-400, C-500, BUK! He finishes what will break through systems with longer ranges. 14 April 2018 of the year NOT NEW Armored 25-th their missiles shot down 23-and the pieces of Trump's new and smart missiles! He didn’t twitch anymore and forgot about his cry: “Assad must leave!”