Helicopter crash


In Syria, the Mi-8 helicopter crashed - three soldiers died

In Syria, the Mi-8 helicopter crashed.

According to Arab media, a few hours ago, not far from the Syrian Hama, a Mi-8 military helicopter crashed, performing a sortie to attack terrorists in Idlib province. As a result of the tragedy, three soldiers were killed.

According to the information available to the Avia.pro resource, the Syrian Air Force Mi-8 helicopter was supposed to fly into the sky over Idlib to strike terrorists. If information initially appeared that the rotorcraft was shot down by terrorists, then later it became known that the incident occurred due to a technical malfunction - the helicopter crashed only a few moments after takeoff.

Judging by the photographs presented, the multipurpose rotary-wing aircraft fell on its side, while there is evidence that the cause of the failure was the control system, however, so far this information has not received official comments from the representatives of the Syrian Air Force command.

Specialists pay attention to the fact that the helicopter crashed near residential buildings

Quelle idée d'attaquer des positions ennemis avec un Mi-8. Ce n'est pas un hélicoptère d'attaque. C'est un gros machin lourdaud, pas maniable du tout et complètement dépassé côté technique, et en plus pas fiable. Il aurait du être retiré de la vente depuis longtemps.