The drone Bayraktar was shot down


At least 5 Bayraktar TB2 UAVs have been destroyed in Syria by the Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems

Russian air defense missile systems "Pantsir-S" shot down at least 5 Turkish Bayraktar drones in Syria.

Analysts carefully studied the losses of Turkish drones in Syria and came to the conclusion that 5 Turkish Bayraktar TB2 attack drones were shot down only by Russian Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems on the territory of the Arab Republic. The losses of the latter in Syria are much greater, however, special attention is paid to these particular Russian complexes.

According to the information provided, Turkey actively used its Bayraktar TB2 and ANKA-S reconnaissance drones in Syria, which attacked the positions of the SAA. Nevertheless, as soon as the Pantsir-S complexes were used, the losses of the latter quickly became really large.

“Among the air targets shot down over Idlib by Russian air defense systems in service with the Syrian army, there were already a total of more than a dozen Bayraktar TB2 (7 units, 10 - according to a number of sources) and Anka S (from 3 to 6 units) drones of Turkish production. ... Moreover, it is worth paying attention to the fact that 10 attack UAVs were shot down in just 3 days by far from new air defense systems - at the time of the greatest aggravation of hostilities. One of the Pantsir-C1 complexes was immediately attacked by 5-6 Bayraktars: during this battle, all Turkish drones were destroyed, and the vehicle with the air defense missile system received minor damage and was quickly put into operation», - informs Technosphere. Russia".

The investigation showed that at least 5 drones were destroyed only by the Pantsir-S complexes, although the Buk-M2E and Strela complexes also showed good results.

The Turks send bairaks to Russia, and in return, tourists with money so that there are more drones.

As long as Russia is playing a double game, it will not end well.

No need to look at the photo, it is from the Internet. Not one Turkish bayraktar in Syria did not reach the positions of the Russian troops and the Syrian ones too .. It flies slowly, maneuvers poorly, the main thing is to find it.

You're wrong. "Bayraktars" have been produced since 2011, and they began to fight in 2914 in Eastern Turkey, and since 2015 in Syria.

Armenians did not buy "shells", and it takes time to manage such complex equipment

You are probably a very smart person. You know everything, you touch everything ...

5 years ago, there were no Bayraktar (s), do not tell tales.

There were no Shells in Karabakh.

did you manage to plug it in? Has electricity come to the Syrian sandboxes? Fiction!

Can not be! And why did they not shoot down in Karabakh ... apparently the Russians slipped defective shells with crooked optics to their Armenian comrades.

photo 5 years ago, do not tell fairy tales.



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