Shot down a drone


Another Turkish attack UAV Bayraktar TB2 was shot down in Syria

A Turkish UAV Bayraktar TB2 was destroyed over northern Syria.

Turkey has tried to use its Bayraktar TB2 attack and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle to strike at the positions of the Syrian military. The drone was successfully shot down. The fact that we are talking about the Bayraktar TB2 drone indicates that the drone was launched from a distance of several hundred kilometers, since most of the drones used by Turkish mercenaries usually have a flight range of up to 50-70 kilometers.

It is reported that the destroyed unmanned aerial vehicle was heading towards Masyaf, where, apparently, it was supposed to strike at the SAA forces. Apparently, Ankara intended to strike in response to the large-scale bombing of the positions of Turkish mercenaries in Idlib and Latakia, although at the moment there is no data confirming the fact that the drone took off from Turkey, but this does not mean that the drone could not be delivered to the northern part of Syria by the Turkish military.

It is known that the drone was destroyed by the Pantsir-S complex, as previously reported by the news agency Reported.

As an example: the Israeli so-called "iron dome" uses 2-3 rockets for every improvised explosive charge from Gaza.

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Hike Voldemar beguiled a shell with s300

Shoot a drone with a shell? Isn't it too much luxury? From the S-300 air defense missile system in a sparrow? Well, gentlemen! Before the whole world, it's shameful! Isn't it easier for old Katyusha to deal with Baira ... or something like that ...