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Turkish drone shot down in Syria trying to attack former Russian airbase

A drone launched from Turkey was shot down over Syria.

The Syrian military managed to shoot down a Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle, which tried to strike at the territory of the former Russian military air base in Aleppo. It is known that the drone was made from scrap materials, which is confirmed by the presented photos. As follows from the information obtained after the decryption of the data, the drone was launched from Turkey.

It should be noted that about a week ago, Turkey actively advocated de-escalation of the situation in Syria by signing another treaty with Russia. Apparently, Ankara is interested in keeping the tension in the north and north-west of the Arab republic, as this creates obstacles for the Syrian army to gain control over these territories.

"The drone of terrorists shot down in the vicinity of Aleppo was launched from the positions of the Turkish troops"- reports the Syrian Arab Army News.

It should be noted that earlier Russian military helicopters were based at the Syrian Air Force base in Aleppo, which were actively used to combat jihadists and terrorist groups. At the same time, according to some reports, Russian combat helicopters are still located here.


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