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Russian armored car destroyed in Syria, there are casualties

A Russian armored car was destroyed in Syria, there are wounded.

The news agency Avia.pro obtained information that a Russian armored car "Lynx" was destroyed as a result of a jihadist attack on the Russian military in Syria. The Russian military who were in the cockpit of the armored car suffered, but there were no casualties. At the same time, the armored car was actually torn apart.

In the presented images, published by the Russian Telegram-community “REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL”, one can see that a powerful explosion of an unknown improvised explosive device literally tore apart the front of the armored car, turning it into scrap metal. According to "REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL", in the incident that took place in June this year, there are victims, but there were no casualties.

Earlier, Syrian sources did report an alleged attack on the Russian military in Syria, however, until now, this information has not received any confirmation.

Who exactly is behind the attack on the Russian military is unknown. The armored car coped with its main task, although it received critical damage.

US seals, glued on the skull at night))

This is the watermark of the Telegram channel, this is not a drawing on the machine

The logo in the photo belongs to the Telegram channel "REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL". He places it on all of his photographs. So this image is not inscribed on the side of the armored vehicle.

It is not clear whose car is in the photo. Such emblems with a skull and an English slogan are not molded on our armored vehicles :)
And "Lynx" is actually a renamed Iveco LMV of Italian production :) So this car could successfully be both jihadist and American and Turkish and Kurdish

Iveco 65e19wn became the prototype of the "lynx" and was assembled from Austrian components, at one time only the "nameplates were re-pasted", I wonder how things are with "import substitution"