One of the most long-range and advanced air defense systems in the world has been destroyed in Syria

Israel has destroyed one of the most advanced and long-range air defense systems in the world in Syria.

A new strike by the Israeli Air Force on Syria has led to the destruction of one of the most long-range, modern and advanced air defense systems. As it turned out, the BAVAR-373 anti-aircraft missile system, which arrived in the Arab Republic just a few days ago, was destroyed in the Syrian Tartus region.

As follows from the data presented, Israeli reconnaissance aircraft tracked the arrival of a new generation Iranian anti-aircraft missile system in Syria, which was to be used to repel Israeli attacks. However, literally a few hours after the activation of this air defense system, a powerful missile attack was launched on its deployment area, as a result of which the complex was destroyed.

“Saturday’s airstrike in Syria, which was attributed to Israel, was directed against Iran’s attempts to bring game-changing air defense systems to Syria. According to Channel 12 news, the location of the morning strike on the Syrian town of Al-Hamidiyah near the port city of Tartus "implies that it [targeted] weapons delivered by sea, possibly using Iranian ships moored in the port of Tartus." The report added that the strike was carried out against the backdrop of "a new move by the Iranians in Syria to deploy an air defense system to protect their military interests."- сообщает The Times of Israel.

Unofficial sources report that the destroyed complex is the Iranian BAVAR-373 air defense system (target destruction range reaches 260 kilometers - ed.), which is one of the most advanced anti-aircraft missile systems comparable to the Russian S-300 air defense systems.