Military patrol


Russian military attacked again in Syria

On the Russian military in Syria, a new attack.

Another patrol of the M4 highway together with Turkish servicemen again ended with an attack on a Russian military convoy. So, according to the Syrian media, while overcoming one of the sections of the route, local residents began to throw stones and other improvised objects at Russian armored vehicles.

Apparently, the damage to Russian armored vehicles was insignificant and only affected the external state of the equipment. Some of the stones and other objects also flew into the armored vehicles of the Turkish military, which indicates the fact that local residents are outraged by the presence of both sides in the region.

“In the area of ​​the Syrian city of Kobani, located in the province of Aleppo, another Russian-Turkish patrol took place today. While overcoming one of the sections of the route, several teenagers threw stones at Russian and Turkish armored vehicles ", - reports "WarJournal".

It should be clarified that earlier, during the patrolling of the area, militants often attacked the Russian military, which led to the loss of equipment and casualties among the Russian military personnel.

There are no official statements to this effect from the representatives of the military command of the RF Armed Forces in Syria.