American military radar blown up in Syria

A radar has been blown up at an American military base.

A few hours ago, the Avia.pro news and information resource reported that American troops evacuated from Syria had also taken out a radar station, which made it possible to track the approach of Syrian and Russian air forces combat aircraft. However, as it turned out, due to emergency evacuation, the US military had to blow up the radar.

According to a number of sources, the reason for the destruction of the radar equipment was the fact that for its dismantling would have required special means, which in turn would have taken a fairly large amount of time.

There are no official comments from the American military command on this subject, however, several hours earlier it became known that the American military contingent completely left the northern part of Syria, in which the Turkish side intends to conduct a military operation, which is positioned by analysts as an open occupation, with the aim of the transfer of terrorists from Idlib to the area.

“Located on a narrow strip along the Turkish border, the Syrian army will not be able to effectively conduct an offensive, and the remoteness of Russian military facilities will allow terrorists to thoroughly gain a foothold in the area and control oil and gas fields”, - the expert marks.

Looks in a hurry, urgent evacuation. It is not important to run away where it matters most.