Russian military patrol blown up in Syria

An explosive device went off on the route of the Russian military patrol.

An attempt by Russian peacekeepers to reconcile the Syrian military and militants in the Syrian province of Daraa led to an attack on a Russian military patrol. According to information available to the news agency, an improvised explosive device detonated along the route of Russian military vehicles. As a result, at least one vehicle was damaged, but injuries and casualties among Russian servicemen were avoided.

At the moment, it is known that an explosive device detonated on the route of a convoy of the Russian military police in the area of ​​the settlement of Umm al-Mayadin. Apparently, the IED was detonated remotely and, most likely, an electronic warfare system deployed on one of the Russian military vehicles.

It is noteworthy that earlier the terrorists in southwestern Syria were actively supported by the Israeli and Jordanian sides and, apparently, the reconciliation process caused discontent on both sides. According to other sources, the terrorist group Saraya Kasiyun, which is funded from Turkey, may be behind the attack on Russian servicemen. This has not yet allowed to give a final conclusion about who exactly could attack the Russian military.

"Reverse side of the medal" emblem of Russian mercenaries in Syria.

The main crew is intact. The technique has completed the task!

Because this is not a Russian armored car.

To be precise - there is not a single friend there at all, no one has! Turks hate Kurds, Russians and Syrians, and they are no less! Plus - Iranians, Israel, etc. .....! Everyone is ready to cut another's throats! Is that Russia and Iran support Syria, but also conditionally!

pictured is not a patrol car.

And why did you decide that this is a photo of the damaged car of the Russian patrol? This is just a picture from the Internet posted as an example. If you look closely, you will see the English-language inscriptions around the skull.

This photo has been walking through the open spaces for a long time.

Yes, anyone could have blown it up. Russia has solid friends there.

Why is there a skull on board a Russian military patrol?