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In Syria, captured a citizen of Russia

In Syria, during a special operation, the Kurds captured an American, a Ukrainian, and a Russian

The special forces of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" ("SDF") conducted an operation, the purpose of which was to defeat a group of saboteurs "IG" ("ISIS", banned in the Russian Federation - approx. Ed.) Near the Euphrates River. Kurdish security forces were surrounded by terrorists near the village of Al-Shafa. The terrorist group had 8 militants. All of them fighters "SDF" were neutralized and taken alive.

As it turned out, the captured jihadists turned out to be foreigners. They voluntarily joined ISIS. Below is a list of terrorists and the country from which they came to Syria.

Adil Ragimov (age 58 years, Uzbekistan), Ferkhad Kaderov (age 28 years, Uzbekistan), Sattibek Erbaev (age 30 years, Kazakhstan), Sulay Noa Su (age 16 years, USA), Mohammad Davlat (22 years, Tajikistan), Askar Zarmanbetov (27 years, Ukraine), Lukas Glas (31 year, Germany), Bimuraev Begzhan (30 years, Russia).

From the message of the portal "Free News" it is known that earlier in the village of Al-Shafa also a small group of militants "LIH" was neutralized. It was a "sleeping cell", which included five foreigners, including two US citizens.