Syria defense


Activation of air defense systems observed in Syria

On the territory of Syria, some activity of air defense means was noticed.

The information previously published by that Israel is planning to launch a large-scale attack against Syria in the near future has received indirect confirmation. Thus, according to available information, suspicious activity with the use of air defense means has been observed for several days on the territory of the Arab Republic. We are talking about the relatively new types of weapons that the SAA has. In particular, throughout the western part of Syria, there is a movement of the Pantsir-S and Buk-M2E complexes, which are currently considered the most effective means of destroying Israeli missiles and aircraft.

According to experts, the Russian military could well have received data on the preparation of the IDF for new large-scale strikes on the territory of Syria and the positional areas of Syrian air defense systems, and therefore it was decided to strengthen this direction. At the same time, there is a slightly different version: not long before that, Israeli reconnaissance aircraft were actively working in the sky and, obviously, it was decided to change the positional areas of air defense systems in order to avoid strikes from Israel. This could have been done in order to deliver retaliatory strikes.

Over the past week, Israel has attempted three strikes on Syrian territory. According to official data from the Russian side, of the 14 missiles fired, only one was able to achieve its goal.

It looks like there will be slightly fewer air defense systems in Syria soon ...