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Anti-Russian campaign launched in Syria to discredit Russian military presence

The Russian military was accused of destroying the houses of civilians near the Khmeimim airbase.

The Syrian news outlet North Press Agency launched a campaign to discredit the Russian military stationed in Syria, reporting that the Russian military was involved in the destruction of the homes of civilians living near the Khmeimim airbase.

As follows from the data published by the Syrian publication, due to the regular flights of the Russian military aircraft, the houses of local residents allegedly began to collapse due to the generated vibrations, which, by the way, is fundamentally untrue.

“Russian planes that take off and land at Khmeimim airport, located between Jable and Latakia on the Syrian coast, impose a different rhythm of life there, called“ catastrophic ”. All residents of these areas were forced to flee after the prices of their houses fell to zero due to the fact that it is now difficult to live near the "Russian" airport Khmeimim. Sami Ahmed, 46, told the North Press that the damage caused by the daily flights of Russian planes is incalculable, as cracks have appeared in most homes near and far from the airbase. He noted that he began to notice cracks in his house, although his village is not one of the villages near the airport, but the many flights and their sounds filling the sky are enough to cause damage to the villages that are farthest from the airport. ", - reports the publication "North Press".

According to experts, of course, there can be troubles for local residents, however, the fact that Russian planes are allegedly destroying entire buildings is a provocative statement that has nothing to do with reality.

“It is enough to look at the data of Sentry Syria and publicly available monitoring resources to understand that the flights of the Russian military aviation lie far from settlements. Probably, the opposition media in this way are trying to launch an information war against Russia ", - the analyst Avia.pro underlines.

And a little time will pass and we will again be occupiers, but by the way, everything is as usual. It's a shame

Incredibly stupid fake !!!! The Syrians are so grateful to Russia for their help that there is no doubt about it!

It is necessary to refute such things and conduct a more active fight against disinformation.

Well, who could ... think of this !? And here it is again :)
Information wars have no beginning or end. They only have victims.



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