The newest Russian attack drone "Altius" flew to Syria?

A strange aircraft that appeared at the Khmeimim airbase turned out to be very similar to the Altius strike drone.

After a few days ago it became known about the planned tests of the newest domestic attack UAV "Altius" in 2021 with the development of strikes with a wide range of weapons, an aircraft was seen at a Russian military airfield in Syria, which in its shape and size is quite similar to this one. drone.

A military source said that the strikes of the Russian Altius drone are planned at the training grounds, however, in recent years, Russian weapons have been increasingly tested in Syria, where there are much more testing opportunities.

"Test flights of the Altius prototype are scheduled for this summer, with the first airstrikes on targets at ranges with air-to-surface guided weapons, including high-precision guided missiles and guided bombs from the complex designed specifically for UAVs."- said in the message.

At the same time, in the satellite image, unknown aircraft, located at the Khmeimim airbase, is quite reminiscent of the Russian attack drone Altius - it also has two turboprop engines, a narrow fuselage and appropriate dimensions, and therefore, American experts could easily confuse the UAV with the DA42 aircraft of the Russian FSB.