In Slavyansk, due to the rapid advance of Russia, an evacuation has been announced

In Slavyansk, an evacuation has been announced due to the onset of an offensive by Russian troops.

Against the backdrop of how Russian troops launched an offensive in the direction of Seversk with the formation of a front towards Slavyansk, the mayor of this city announced that the evacuation of local residents was announced in Slavyansk. The latter will be held on a voluntary basis, however, they are strongly advised to leave the city, moving to a safer place.

According to the mayor of the city of Slavyansk Vadim Lyakh, the front line is slowly but surely approaching. And, of course, it poses a danger to all nearby cities. Against this background, Lyakh gave the go-ahead for the evacuation of local residents.

Based on the operational situation at the front, at the moment Slavyansk is only about 24 kilometers away from the units of the Russian forces. This already makes it possible to conduct assault operations in this direction, but so far with the use of artillery and aviation. However, given the beginning of the fighting for Vasyukovka north of Soledar, the distance between Slavyansk and the front line may be reduced in the coming days by almost 4 kilometers.


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