Search for mysteriously disappeared two Russian submarines in the Mediterranean Sea

The US Navy is desperate to find two Russian submarines missing in the Mediterranean.

After three Russian submarines moved into the eastern Mediterranean, NATO began to closely monitor the Russian submarines. As a result, two of them went deep and were no longer recorded by the equipment of warships and from the air. This made the Alliance nervous, since at the same time an American missile destroyer passed into the Suez Strait, on which Russian diesel-electric submarines could well practice in the fight against the ships of a potential enemy.

The day before, an American military patrol anti-submarine aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon was spotted looking for Russian submarines off the coast of Cyprus. In the photo presented, you can see how an American military aircraft circled for a long time over one of the areas in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This is presumably due to the initial discovery of the Russian submarine and its subsequent disappearance. So far, it remains unknown whether the two submarines are moving together or the second submarine still remains undetected.

It should be noted that due to the peculiarities of the Russian diesel-electric submarines of the Varshavyanka project, NATO forces almost never can track them in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, even if the latter are at a relatively shallow depth.

maybe it's time to start looking for sunken submarines?

Looking for Varshavyanka on an inflatable boat? Obviously, sonar buoys are being deployed from it ...
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The "teleport" system was successfully tested.

Judging by the fact that it is circling over one area, he did find it and keeps it "in sight." Waiting for the floating friends to scoop up.



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