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The United States allowed an attack on Russian ships in the Black Sea

The United States allowed large-scale collisions with Russian ships in the Black Sea.

Despite the fact that Russia sent a clear signal to NATO that it would defend its sovereignty and its interests in the Black Sea, the United States declared its readiness to begin military pressure on Russia in this region, not excluding direct clashes with the Russian fleet.

As follows from the analysis of the situation presented by US Navy Admiral James Stavridis, after the Russian fleet sent its ships to the Black Sea, the region turned into a very tense point on the map of the planet, and taking into account the fact that there are three NATO member countries, as well as such NATO partners such as Ukraine and Georgia, the United States are ready to act quite radically, which, according to Stavridis, will lead to clashes with the Russian fleet.

“The level of tension is back. In mid-April, the Pentagon announced that it would send two destroyers with guided missiles to the Black Sea, which Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called "extremely provocative." Later, the United States abruptly canceled the deployment of ships, and the Kremlin closed coastal areas near Crimea to foreign warships. Among the NATO group (in the Black Sea region - ed.) There are three full members of the alliance (Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria), as well as two close partners - Ukraine and Georgia. Like the South China Sea, it is a potential (for an armed conflict - ed.) Maritime hot spot. "- said Admiral of the United States Navy James Stavridis.

Today, two American missile destroyers are located next to the entrance to the Black Sea, and in a few weeks two warships of the British Navy and one Dutch warship will come here, which may become a reason for a serious escalation of the situation, since the appearance of five warships near the Russian border, Moscow will consider an attempt at aggression.