The US was afraid that Israel would go to war with Lebanon


The US was afraid that Israel would go to war with Lebanon

Amid the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, the situation on Israel's border with Lebanon, where the Iran-backed Islamist movement Hezbollah operates, is deteriorating. According to CBS News, the United States is concerned about the possibility of opening a new front, which will increase Israel's need for American weapons.

Since the start of the war last October, President Joe Biden's administration has been working hard behind the scenes to reduce the likelihood of the conflict widening. But fears are growing in Washington that the recent increase in Israeli attacks on Lebanese territory could be preparation for an invasion aimed at neutralizing Hezbollah's activities.

Since the start of the conflict, Hezbollah has repeatedly fired rockets into Israeli territory, causing serious concern among officials in Washington.

"The number of rocket attacks fired at Israel by Lebanese Hezbollah could lead to unforeseen consequences that Israel would be forced to respond to, which could then lead to an unintended war," - CBS News notes, citing sources in the American administration.

Rising tensions on the Israel-Lebanon border highlight the complexity of the situation in the Middle East.


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