Projectile XM1155


In the USA, they tested the artillery 155-mm. ammunition XM1155, with a range of 120 kilometers

An ultra-long-range artillery munition has been successfully tested in the USA.

As part of the ongoing tests, a 155-mm sub-caliber guided projectile was tested, capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 120 km. The test was conducted by BAE Systems as part of the XM1155 program.

The projectile was fired from an experimental XM155E907 2mm howitzer with a 58-caliber barrel. According to the test results, the projectile demonstrated high accuracy of hitting targets at maximum range.

The XM1155 sub-caliber guided projectile is designed for use in artillery on the modern battlefield. It has high penetrating power and can hit both light and heavily armored targets. However, no less important is the fact that with its huge range, the projectile costs significantly less than the use of missile weapons.

Representatives of BAE Systems noted that the successful test of the XM1155 is an important step in the development of US artillery and increasing its combat effectiveness. The new guided projectile is able to significantly increase the range of targets and improve the accuracy of its hit.

It is expected that the XM1155 sub-caliber guided projectile will undergo additional tests to confirm its combat readiness and effectiveness in various combat conditions. However, mass production of these shells is scheduled only for 2025.


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