Rocket PrSM


The US tested a tactical missile with the range of the Russian Iskander

US tests its new missile

The United States recently tested its new technology, a high-precision strike missile at White Sands, New Mexico. Its flight range is 400 km. However, it was originally planned that the rocket would be able to cover a distance of 499 kilometers (at the request of the INF Treaty - ed.). The PrSM complex is based on the serial M270 and M142 multiple launch rocket launchers. PrSM missiles are single-stage products with a cylindrical body with folding tail rudders and a pointed nose fairing.

As reported in a South Front article: “The test, conducted on May 12, marks the fourth flight test of the PrSM missile and the first of three tests in the extended adaptation phase. Two more flight tests will take place this year. It is expected that the missile will soon be tested at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. It is planned to launch at a distance of up to 499 kilometers "

It is also noted that the priority of the United States is to create a maritime potential for the destruction of ships and increase the lethality. All this is planned to be done by 2023, where new additional improvements will also be added.

Oh. Ahead of the whole planet, but Russia cannot be caught up in any way ...