In the US, they found a way to deal with Russian Su-35 around the world

The Russian Su-35 has a new problem from Washington.

Despite the fact that Russian Su-35 fighters are considered one of the best combat aircraft in the world, it became known that the United States has found a way to deal with these fighters around the world. In fact, the United States simply intends to ban the purchase of Russian weapons, and Egypt may be under one of the first sanctions, which, as reported, is negotiating with Russia on the purchase of these combat aircraft.

“The US threatened Egypt with negative consequences in case of the purchase of Russian Su-35 fighters. The US report says that a major deal with Moscow will become an obstacle to Washington-Cairo cooperation in the military industry. It is noted that the United States also warned of the possibility of imposing sanctions on Egypt "- reports the publication "Lenta".

Similarly, the United States is simply trying to prevent the spread of Russian military aircraft in those regions where Washington has no advantages, and sanctions pretty much hit not only the interests of the country intending to acquire Russian fighters, but also the aircraft manufacturer.