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In the United States found a way to detect launches of Russian hypersonic missiles

Any launch of a Russian hypersonic missile can be detected within seconds.

Despite the fact that today there are no air defense / missile defense systems capable of detecting and hitting hypersonic targets, it became known that the United States has developed its own technique that allows detecting the launch of a hypersonic missile in just a few seconds. As it turned out, new spacecraft under development will be capable of this.

According to the data that has appeared, special spacecraft are being developed in the United States. They will record the anomalous release of heat that is generated when a hypersonic missile is launched (we are probably talking about mine, land and sea missile systems - ed.). Since hypersonic missiles reach their speed only when they approach the target directly, the United States may be able to intercept such missiles. However, at the moment this method only works in theory and is more suitable for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Among other things, a few hours ago it became known that Boeing is already engaged in the development of such spacecraft. This confirms the information that Washington is very concerned about the issue of protection from attacks by such missiles.

Nevertheless, experts note that the United States is not yet ready to fight Russian hypersonic weapons due to the banal lack of reliable and effective air defense / missile defense systems.

In the event of a combat launch of missiles, no satellites will transmit anything. War and computer simulations are two different things.

This made our American partners very happy: you will have time to pray quickly!

They are engaged, then they are engaged, ONLY from words to deeds it happens for 20 years, and by that time there will already be weapons on new physical. principles .. The United States today is not capable of intercepting conventional ICBMs .. From the word at all ..

.... this is in the sense of getting ready for the last journey, will there be an opportunity? ... well, a useful invention ...

The thermal radiation of ballistic missiles and hypersonic missiles at launch differs by almost several hundred times, so let them detect it first.



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