In the USA, Russian missiles called the Petrel, Sarmat and Poseidon BA are fiction

In the USA, they reacted violently to the appearance of the Russian “superweapon”.

Despite criticism of Russian weapons, as well as allegations of “Russia's inability to develop such types of weapons,” the American side unexpectedly called Russian nuclear delivery vehicles real fiction.

According to Christopher Ford, US Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation, Russia has achieved a major breakthrough in the development of nuclear weapons, in particular, the US State Department spokesman drew attention to such Russian missiles as Sarmat and Petrel, as well as Poseidon nuclear underwater drone ".

“Today, Russia is developing an exclusively new bestiary of nuclear delivery systems, the United States has no analogues”- said Ford.

According to the American side, this poses a serious threat and requires the adoption of appropriate measures. However, analysts draw attention to the fact that the representative of the US State Department emphasized that the development of these weapons is only ongoing, which raises a lot of questions, especially after the Sarmat missile and the Poseidon nuclear underwater unmanned vehicle (Status-6) ) have already been demonstrated by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Moreover, experts have a lot of questions regarding why the American side is admirable for Russian weapons.

“According to all the rules of confrontation between Russia and the United States, Washington should have called Russian weapons obsolete or emphasized that the United States has similar systems. It’s possible that Washington is trying to disguise its own developments with such statements, however, Ford is absolutely correct, it’s really a fantastic weapon that can become a spectacular response to any aggression of Washington and the US allies. ”, - the analyst notes.