In the USA, an unknown person sneaked into a military base and hijacked an armored car

In the United States, an unknown person stole an armored car from an American military base - they are still looking for it.

An emergency occurred at the American military base - an unknown person was able to get into a military guarded facility, unnoticed, pass the guards and steal an armored Humvee car, in which, according to some reports, there were weapons and ammunition for it. Despite the fact that two days have already passed after the incident, it has not yet been possible to figure out the culprit.

The US military and the FBI joined the search for the hijacker of the vehicle and the armored car itself, believing that this vehicle could be used to disrupt the inauguration of US President Joe Biden.

The command of the American military base, and the incident, as it was found out, took place in California, refuses to give any comments regarding how the criminal entered the military facility and was able to steal the vehicle unnoticed, however, there is some information that the composition of the military base was on high alert due to protests in the country.

I did this a hundred times in GTA. He wanted to hijack a fighter, fire a friend at the other end of the map)))