Bomber B-25


B-25 bomber crashed in the USA at night

An American bomber crashed in California.

An American B-25 bomber, performing a planned flight, crashed in the western United States under currently unknown circumstances. The exact number of victims and victims by the current hour remains unknown, however, the source reports at least three injured.

“The plane, which the FAA has named a multi-engine North American B-25, crashed into a field on Roberts Road and Mueller Road shortly after 19:30. The sheriff's office said the pilot tried to land on the field, but fell into an irrigation ditch. There were three people on board the military plane. Two of them were taken to a nearby hospital, the sheriff's office said. One person was able to avoid the consequences of the accident. It is not clear what caused the disaster. The US Federal Aviation Administration said the investigation would be conducted in conjunction with the National Transportation Safety Board. No other details were reported. ", - about it сообщает information resource "KCRA Channel 3".

A number of media outlets report that the cause of the crash of the B-25 bomber was a technical malfunction, which may well correspond to reality, since the aircraft has been in operation for about 80 years, and could well have become physically and morally obsolete to perform flights.

The rarity of the times of World War II - each such case is irreplaceable. It's a pity, but it happens.