An easy way to shoot down Russian Avangards without missiles has been discovered in the United States

The United States intends to abandon missiles when destroying Russian Avangard systems.

In the United States, they began to develop, with the aim of subsequent introduction on the warships of the US Navy, combat laser systems, which will serve as means of air and anti-missile defense. In a similar way, the United States intends to fight Russian hypersonic weapons using laser energy as a destructive force.

General John Hayten, deputy chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, believes that in this way it is possible to successfully fight targets that fly at hypersonic speed.

"The general explained that this is" just energy in the form of light ", which" can destroy targets in a cost-effective way: be it a cruise missile or a ballistic missile. " "It is also important to understand that technology has advanced significantly and we are already very close" to developing and implementing such capabilities, "said Hayten, whose tenure as deputy chairman of the JCS is coming to an end this year.- сообщает TASS news agency.

Russia has relied on the development of laser weapons for a long time, however, most of these complexes are classified. In particular, it is officially known about the existence of only the Peresvet laser complex, but earlier the information and news agency Avia.pro has already published a photo of another laser combat complex, on the course of testing and the adoption of which there are no official comments.

They have 13 seconds to blink the zircon, it would be interesting to look at this miracle, to illuminate a maneuvering target with a laser, the angular dimensions of which are 1-3 arc minutes.
Theoretically, it is possible to highlight the dagger. Suppose they blinded, melted the control system, but what to do with a 4-ton blank that flies along a ballistic trajectory and will not turn anywhere?

Sun bunnies will shine

This balabayka flies, shrouded in plasma, and therefore at least shine a flashlight, at least a laser. Even Lazarus will not help him from this horror of conspiracies.

For 10 years they have been putting these lasers on both airplanes and ships, but there's no point. They've stolen the technology and can't give a mind for 10 years, a horse.

Trying to heat an ICBM glider with a laser that can withstand flight for tens of minutes surrounded by high-temperature plasma is just a "brilliant" idea.