The United States announced the purchase of an unprecedented number of S-300 complexes from Ukraine

The US military buys S-300 systems from Ukraine.

The US military reports on the acquisition from Ukraine of an unprecedented number of Soviet and, probably, Russian S-300 complexes to study these systems in order to develop their own long-range air defense systems, as well as to develop measures to counter the Russian S-300 and S-400, created on the same base.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are returning to service the previously decommissioned old Soviet short-range anti-aircraft missile systems S-125 at a time when Kiev is selling newer S-300 air defense systems to Washington, writes the American edition of Military Watch. It is noteworthy that Ukraine did not acquire new air defense systems after the collapse of the USSR. Kiev still relies on the S-300PT and S-300PS of the 1980s as long-range air defense systems. Moreover, Ukraine sold part of its S-300s to the United States, where they are used for testing in order to develop new means of overcoming the air defense of a potential enemy and penetrating into its airspace. ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Reporter"

One of the probable reasons for Kiev's sale of S-300 air defense systems in the United States is the banal absence of anti-aircraft guided missiles, in particular, according to the data available in open sources, for Ukraine's 250 mobile launchers there are only about 120 anti-aircraft guided missiles, and therefore the Ukrainian side decided to switch to the use of older, but modernized S-125 air defense systems, the release of missiles for which has been mastered in Ukraine.

It is not yet known how threatening Ukraine's actions to sell to the United States are for Russia, however, given the fact that the Russian S-400s were based on Soviet S-300s, this may allow the United States to gain access to the operation of certain systems of Russian air defense systems.

The C-300 of the 80s is so ancient that I think there are no secrets there ... I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with them back in the early 2000s. When more modern versions of the S-300 are shown, some difference is visible.

Why do they need C300? Putin openly offered them С400 ...

By their nature, Ukrainians are corrupt, never when I would not want anyone to do business with them.

Americans buy our complexes for their army, their Patriots can only be picked in one place!

Over the Black Sea, the Ukrainian military shot down a passenger plane of the S-200 missile defense system. This long-range missile with a passport range of 200 km is capable of hitting a non-maneuverable target at a distance of about 240 km, diving at it.

They will not buy, but will receive a gift, just why did Yeltsin sell the s-90 in the 300s or the USA wants to guard some base in the Middle East

As Batka Kuchma proved, S-125s are quite suitable for fighting civilian aircraft over the Black Sea ...

Thus, the air defense of Ukraine is becoming even weaker. Ukrainian generals, as always, are trading in the security of their country, what is there to be surprised at?