The United States announced full readiness to send American troops to Ukraine

The dispatch of American troops to Ukraine is being prepared.

Despite the negotiations that were held between the presidents of the United States and Russia, it became known that Washington decided to follow the path of escalation and intends to send its troops to Ukraine. The information about this was announced in the White House, however, they stressed that American troops would not be sent to this country unilaterally. However, this does not exclude possible provocations from Kiev and Washington, which will allow the United States to accuse Russia of violating the agreements and send several units to Donbass.

During the negotiations, it was possible to partially reduce the tension on the Ukrainian and Russian borders, however, so far Kiev is acting by its previous methods and continues to strike at the territories of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. At the same time, threats against Russia are heard from Ukraine almost every day, in connection with which Russian troops were deployed near the southern and eastern borders of Ukraine.

Taking into account the data of the American media, the United States really intended to send several hundred of its military personnel and certain equipment to Ukraine, however, judging by the fact that the tension in the region was removed, the United States will still try not to go for another escalation with Russia, knowing full well that this can lead not only to a local conflict, but also to full-scale military action.


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"How will they ship without the request of the legitimate government of Ukraine?" Well, you can't be so naive. Ukraine is the last one whom the Americans would ask about the introduction of their troops into the territory of Ukraine, tk. she has not been a subject for a long time ((

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President Joe Biden said the US and NATO have no obligation to use military force to defend Ukraine in the event of an escalation.

And after all, they will send and will protect their citizens who are legally on the territory of Ukraine.

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How will they ship without the request of the legitimate government of Ukraine? We are also in Syria at the request of their legitimate government.