Fighter F-35


In the US, confirmed that F-35 has a "Russian origin"

In the USA, the “Russian origin” of the F-35 fighter is recognized

An analytical resource "Task & Purpose" published material, which provides evidence that the Americans were able to build a fifth-generation fighter F-35 due to the fact that they used the basis of Soviet technology. "The National Interest" also provides evidence that "American DNA" is present at the base of the American fighter. This indicates the specific fighter aircraft Yak-141. At the same time, it is recognized that the American machine is not an exact copy of the Soviet one, but without the solutions worked out in the Yak-141 with the F-35 machine, there was little to succeed.

According to TNI's estimates, the Yak-141 fighter was supposed to "close" most of the requests of the Soviet Navy, as well as the USSR armed forces, which existed for airplanes providing quick response. However, due to a number of problems, this program was not completed in the USSR. The fighter for quite a long time was recognized as a secret project. But here ended the "cold war", the Yak-141 began to show at various exhibitions. As a result, American companies simply copied, slightly modifying its take-off and landing system with a rotating engine nozzle.

For two years, from 1995 to 1997, the Yakovlev Design Bureau and Lockheed Martin company continued their partnership. The deadline is quite sufficient to obtain information about technologies and technological solutions, and then the American partners refused to work together with the Russian design bureau.

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This is not a nonsense, but a historical fact. In the 90, in the years of lack of money, indeed, the Yakovlev firm cooperated with the Americans, and they got access to the documentation on the Yak-141. Naturally, our technical documentation was ripped off for its F-35. But as always with the Americans, having made their changes to our project, we got g ... oh, and not a plane, to-ry and not close to standing next to the Yak-141. F-35 has about a thousand of their checking commissions
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If the link to the pro-Russian dump "The National Interest", then this shit can not be read further.
The National Interest has all the articles on this topic. Grandmas from Russia receive it, they write crazy stuff, and then all Russian media refer to this "authoritative" American edition.

They did not sell power, sold the authorities of these organizations, they shared with those who should, by the nature of service, not allow it. Further, all of this ruling rag-tag began to occupy positions that were close to the government, the crow would not gouge out the crow.

The rotary nozzle for the American aircraft F35 makes the firm Rolls-Royce (England). Its design differs from the design of the rotary nozzle TRDDf R-79 300 design AMNTK Soyuz (Moscow, Yak-141 vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. This motor KB currently exists only as a brand with a few employees. KB destroyed by talented managers, brothers Akrayan, Armenians , their 6 people. They bought the whole territory and the building of the design bureau, destroyed all production and design. They don’t need it. But in the gas-dynamic laboratory they arranged a pseudo picture gallery, it turns out to Ithor in Moscow there is a branch of the Tretyakov Gallery. The mind is not understandable. Former Russian engine-building company was killed in a market economy, Russia's wild capitalism.

What kind of country is for sale, everything sells. They themselves stole everything from the nested doll and Kalashnikov machine gun to cars, tanks, TU-4 bomber, P-1 missiles. You can continue indefinitely.

This (84) complex is not. And the Yugoslavs shot down our stealth with-125, I served on this urgent.

What is surprising is that F-35 has Russian origin. And the missiles delivered to Turkey will also be of Russian origin. But Russia received money for it. Sold the development of missiles.

The United States has built its entire history of stealing from the rest of the world everything from wealth to intellectual. Therefore, it is not a secret that the majority of developments are stolen discoveries of other countries bought for a penny. We are no exception, we in 90 = e bought with giblets for cheap consumer goods and obscene products with beautiful labels. So we need! Bought and now regret

It is in the order of things. Everyone steals technology.

America has always collected all the crooks and thieves in its entire history, so to steal, this is national from the Americans, and what do they have to think up, when they can be stolen, or buy them for candy wrappers, we all and many around the world will sell "for thirty pieces of silver".

The F-35 should have its own name. Suppose "foundling."

The F-35 should have its own name. Suppose "foundling"

What help? Bush legs? We have Americans, thanks to the Yeltsin-Chubais gang, got their hands on the newest plant, and now everywhere advertising ... their products produced at this enterprise.

In these years they did not recognize the USSR at all and the message was not about what kind of help we are talking about

Right. Everything is ancient - this amerikosovym Papuas. They still do not know how to do even what they created in Russia in the past century or even millennia. Let them learn something old. For the time being they will learn - 30 years will pass.

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So they helped not unselfishly but for gold, and we for green candy wrappers.

And so all the technology goes to the US. Legally, the Soviet developments will soon end, and the new mind is not enough to invent

Well ... in 191x-192x. The United States helped the USSR in the development of industry, so the debt is beautiful in the red.

The Americans also collaborated with QBA, and after they got the hydrogen engine, the contract was terminated.

Torn off because it was easier than developing from scratch. Especially if you had to pay a penny for this technology. Not only in Russia love freebies.

this is always the case with the new technology, and by the way, the USSR copied not only the “swiveling nozzle”, but also the “cooperation within the CMEA”. National Interest is there to dig, suddenly something new will learn.

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Probably they have absolutely bad business. Can you imagine, as an advertisement? We have great planes, because we flayed them from the Russians ..?

Swivel nozzle - this is the Yak-141, and the Americans - swivel snot. Because they are freaks, their brains are wormy, like rams, their sexual perversions are a moral code elevated to the rank of state policy.

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For two years, from 1995 to 1997, the Yakovlev Design Bureau and Lockheed Martin company continued their partnership. The deadline is quite sufficient to obtain information about technologies and technological solutions, and then the American partners refused to work together with the Russian OKB.
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the time when the government sold and collapsed everything created by the Soviet people

Not one, but two! One ground defense forces, and the second MIG-29!

As always, the drawings sold only the products, and the car modifications zashkerili. That turned out to be a problem plane.

Lying all. Sikorsky died 26 October 1972g.

What would you understand? There is an invisible bell on such planes! He notifies with an invisible sound signal, a specially trained satellite hears it, so, somehow, you understand!

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Creation of technical means of military and civilian samples is the fruit of work not only scientists and engineers, but also intelligence work. For these purposes, countries spend enormous forces and resources on which more (5% of the population does not know, everything is kept secret. However, secrecy Created samples of technical, chemical products already at 2-3 year lose their secrecy on 40-60%. Without intelligence, the country is half-blind.

You are confusing again. Write that the Americans were able to build a fifth-generation fighter F-35 due to the fact that they used the base of Soviet technology, and where does the Russian Federation?

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They could not copy either the vertical takeoff and landing fan, or the engine, they turned out to be one third larger and much weaker among the amers. And I wonder, the Japanese F-35 (invisible) fell into the water, how do they know where to look for it, because it is invisible?

Well, it is clear to them that something is not handed over judging by the fact that they did it out or trite they could not properly copy.

well, yak 141 already at the end of 80 flew in Saratov - he himself saw from the altynka - - and at the end of 80 Sikorsky came there with a pack - then they actually stole the glider - because they were going to plant where they wanted - and Sikorsky sat Director’s office at his desk as a host and wings of all the foul language - first-hand info that was at that event


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The fact that 141 surrendered to the United States was known in 2010, and the Yakovlevists themselves did this with the filing of the Russian Federation. passed the option not go to the series. and the 243 airframe drawing. and it was right. Now you can see all the drawbacks and advantages of the model, you can move on to designing further if you still build one helicopter carrier.

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Yeltsin personally conveyed! Whether he was drunk, or ooh, finally - but he gave EVERYTHING on the Yak-141, besides, FREE OF CHARGE

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Ukraine sold.

They sold the documentation.

This Ukraine sold the documents to the states.


What kind of state if they can not keep secrets.

In Yugoslavia, knocked V2

There are no complaints, there is a statement of the fact that the "exceptional" live by other people's brains, due to perfidy, theft and robbery

Everybody in Russia knew this “news” as soon as F-35 appeared ...

Yeltsin knew what he was doing during the war when he stole grenades from warehouses, he said this when he told about his finger. And he grew up and the country began to sell.

The main thing is to know what it (Yugoslavia) brought it down - they didn’t even have an 200 complex - and now our army has 400 complexes ... They knocked down the 84 complex - if you count it - practically with a stick, considering that Americans considered their aircraft invisible "- and how shot down - no longer considered ...

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Yugoslavia shot down one F-117 stealth aircraft for the entire conflict, with NATO aircraft hammering Serbia for half a year.

not the only one, the whole plane was handed over
Stealth technology is also of Soviet origin and came to the US before

There are no questions. All clear! Pindos everywhere pop their nose, and copy technology, or hire specialists from other countries for the green paper.
I’m wondering, and what is stealth technology, if their Russian air defenses are easily determined. Yes, and Yugoslavia, even with the old air defense shot down the stealth Pindos aircraft))

What kind of claims? The Americans designed the aircraft, the stealth technology, the race could not do this, the unique radar equipment, the engines were also American, the only thing that the Soviet had was a rotary nozzle !! Russia itself transferred all the documentation of the Yak-141 rotary nozzle to them, and which ones questions or statements.