In the United States confirmed the development of a missile strike in the Crimea

The U.S. Air Force command confirmed the development of attacks by cruise missiles in the Crimea from the Black Sea.

The U.S. Air Force command reported that the appearance of two American strategic nuclear bombers B-1B Lancer in the sky over the Black Sea was associated with the development of attacks by LRASM cruise missiles, which are long-range cruise missiles designed primarily to destroy naval targets, albeit adapted for striking on the ground. Such a statement caused very serious concern, especially against the backdrop of the active confrontation between Russia and NATO on the Black Sea.

“Two B-1B bombers from the 28th bomber wing at Ellsworth, South Dakota, carried out a strategic mission for long-range bombers in the Black Sea region, May 29, 2020. During the mission, two B-1s trained to use a long-range anti-ship missile (LRASM). Designed to defeat enemy ships, LRASM gives the B-1 the ability to have advanced capabilities to confront and counter ships. LRASM - a new generation of weapons designed to detect and destroy certain targets in groups of surface warships in electronic warfare. “LRASM plays a critical role in ensuring US naval access to work both in the open ocean and in the coastal zone, thanks to its enhanced ability to distinguish targets from long distances,” said Lt. Col. Timothy Albrecht, 603rd Air Operations Center. “With the increase in the number of sea threats and the improvement of their defense weapons against penetration into the counter zone, this hidden cruise missile provides a reduced risk of destruction by enemy air defense systems.” Albrecht also emphasized the fact that with the help of training scenarios during the missions of the bombing task force, B-1 flight crews can be trained in new emerging threats. Preparing for these threats adequately prepares them to be prepared to achieve the goals of the National Defense Strategy. ”- сообщает US Air Force Command Press Europe.

Given such a statement from the United States, experts believe that Russia will begin to react harshly to any attempts by American military aircraft to fly close to the Crimea, and, obviously, Russian strategic bombers will carry out their own mission to the American borders.


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