Bomber B-52


In the USA, they boasted of the destruction of three Russian northern military bases at once

The United States announced the imperceptible destruction of the largest Russian military base.

According to The National Interest, an American information publication, during the recent presence of B-52 American strategic bombers in Europe, a unique operation was carried out during which the destruction of the largest Russian military base - the bases of Russian submarines in the Murmansk region - Gadzhievo, was practiced Vidyaevo and Polar.

Earlier, already reported that at a relatively small distance from the borders of the airspace of Russia, three American B-52 strategic bombers were actually seen, while, due to the lack of official statements from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the interception of “strategists” is obviously by the Russian air forces not executed.

It is noteworthy that in the USA they also positioned the practice of strikes as unnoticed for Russia, and from a relatively short distance, however, experts say that this is not true, although the lack of an appropriate reaction from Russia raises a lot of questions.

“The B-52 is a huge aircraft that becomes noticeable from a distance of 600-500 kilometers for Russian air defense systems. Obviously, the approach of the three bombers did not go unnoticed, however, the lack of reaction from Russia is seriously alarming. ", - said the analyst