Start of a rocket


In the USA, they showed an analogue of the Russian Avangard missile system, having achieved what Russia abandoned

In the United States, for the first time introduced an analogue of the Russian avant-garde missile system.

As part of a symposium of representatives of the US Defense Industry, a hypersonic missile system was first introduced, which was a direct competitor to the Russian Avangard missile system, and even surpassing it in a sense.

According to the information provided, the Long Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW) system is represented by a battery of four rockets with a diameter of 887 mm, which will be controlled by a single command machine.

It is assumed that the relatively small diameter of the rocket will seriously complicate its kinetic interception, and although the flight speed of the rocket is not specified, but it will be hypersonic, experts pay attention to the fact that in the USA they realized what the Russian designers refused to create the Avangard missile complex ”And“ Sarmat ”, namely, we are talking about the use of mobile launchers.

It is assumed that the first test launch of LRHW missiles will be carried out in the 2021 year, while the warhead itself has already been tested in the 2011 and 2012 years, after which it was further improved, and. most likely, it became a maneuvering combat unit.

On the cartoon of fantasy, already, it wasn’t enough))))) Hyper and gliders, they pumped. Now they will try to catch up, or rather steal))))

The diameter of the promising missile is almost 4 times smaller than the Russian counterpart. Questions: What size will the warhead be? How much fuel will enter it, accordingly, how far will it fly?

Wanted to see you and showed everything (along with drawings)))

Judging by the pictures and Wishlist, this complex will be 100500 times cooler

The article directly exudes pride in the American development. Only when we see not only "funny pictures"?

Catch up.

The diameter of Sarmatia is 3 m. The diameter of the Stiletto is 2.5 m. The diameter of a promising American missile is 87 cm. How can this be compared? Let the Americans try to put a ton rocket on the 10 mobile launcher, and then we can talk about comparison.

What nonsense - "refused" ?! They will be mobile!

Alo. What have you achieved? Showed a picture? Even the cartoon did not