In the United States showed a video of the destruction of the Russian missile cruiser "Moskva"

In the United States, they released a commercial with the destruction of the Russian missile cruiser Moskva.

A video published a few days ago by the American military, which shows the use of PrSM missiles, turned out to have a very interesting detail - in addition to demonstrating the destruction of the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems, specialists were able to identify in the video footage the destruction of the Russian missile cruiser Moskva, which is somewhat It underwent modernization months ago and is now sent to the Mediterranean Sea for testing.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment the bow of the missile cruiser "Moskva" was hit by a fired missile, which was probably guided either by spacecraft or by means of aviation. Nevertheless, experts say that this video has nothing to do with reality.

“First, we should pay attention to the fact that the missile hit the cruiser Moskva, moving towards it - this is unlikely. Secondly, given the rocket's flight at high altitude, the latter, most likely, would have been struck, if not several hundred kilometers, then several tens of kilometers by the standard armament of a Russian warship ", - emphasizes specialist

Previously, it was suggested that similar videos produced by the American military were aimed at popularizing American weapons with US allies.

I have a son in Moscow, is that not true ?!

Eh Nikitiy, we do not know how to make videos - Hollywood is the real power of the United States.
12.04/2014/24, a SU-XNUMX aircraft flew over the Donald Cook destroyer equipped with the Aegis combat system.
All of the destroyer's air defense was out of order.
Then "Donald Cook" urgently entered the port of Constanta and there 27 crew members wrote a letter of resignation and left.

This is normal. We have more videos about Club-K and "Khibiny".

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