Nuclear strike


The United States showed a nuclear strike on Russia - 85 million victims in 45 minutes. Video

The USA showed a nuclear strike on Russia with 85 million victims in 45 minutes.

The American experts of the Science and Global Security project published a material demonstrating the American side’s nuclear attack on Russian territory, which resulted in the number of victims and injuries in the figure of 85 million people, and this is only in 45 minutes.

“SGS has developed a simulation of the likely escalation of hostilities between the United States and Russia, taking into account the realistic positions of nuclear forces, goals and estimates of the number of deaths”- said in the message.

It is noteworthy that if an American strike extends to a rather limited territory of Russia, then as a result of a retaliatory Russian strike, which, by the way, according to the constructed simulation is belated, almost the entire territory of the United States is hit.

“Such simulations should not be taken seriously. A massive launch of missiles from the United States will be recorded almost instantly, and as previously reported, not only the United States, but also the American NATO allies, will be hit. Moreover, the model is incomplete, at least due to the absence of a nuclear reflection reflection component. ”, - the analyst notes.

The United States plans to start a nuclear war with its vassal countries, and it is as if they are leaving their country aside from the war, like - we have nothing to do with it, we will celebrate the victory in the USA ourselves. But they not only have a bad knowledge of geography, but even worse, they do not take into account that a nuclear war will not choose where, whose country and who is involved in it. A nuclear wave will go in all directions of the world and there is nothing to stop it. These morons with square eggs can’t be taught anything, there is only one way - to pinch the eggs with Iskanders

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