Cruise missile


In the US, they laughed at Putin's missile

The United States of America spoke about the "fiasco" of Putin's missile.

The newest Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant, which President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin talked about back in March this year, according to the American TV channel CNBC, poses no danger to the United States. This is due, first of all, to the fact that according to the last cited facts, which, however, did not find official confirmation that the rocket flew for only two minutes, fell to the ground. All this aroused lively interest and ridicule on the part of American experts.

"According to the estimates of the United States of America, the longest test flight lasted more than two minutes, during which the missile overcame 22 miles, after which, having lost control, it crashed. The shortest test lasted only four seconds with a flight of five miles ", - follows from the statement of "CNBC".

“Putin's cruise missile, which can allegedly fly half the world, is the most dangerous weapon only for Russia itself. Its last test launch allowed the rocket to fly only 22 miles, which means that with its actual use, only Russia itself will suffer, which is so boastful about the presence of weapons of the future ", - said the US military analyst Michael Sizard.

"It is likely, we are talking about the same wooden rocket, which was present at the Victory Parade. Should we be afraid of it? ", - reads the message published in the social network "Facebook".

Asked by Russian journalists, Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president, did not confirm or deny the arguments of the American television channel CNBC, calling only "... listen to the president of the Russian Federation and believe him ...".

"Two unsuccessful tests of a Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant, according to American journalists, does not mean that Russia has not approached the creation of such weapons. Such launches are test cases, and therefore it is not necessary to talk about the complete failure of Russian engineers and designers ", - said the expert

Earlier, a rocket with a nuclear power plant caused a serious panic in the US, as moving with hypersonic speed, it would in fact remain immune to missile defense systems.

The shortest test lasted only four seconds with a flight of five miles ",
This is 7200 km per hour - here's your mother and St. George's day

Rurik do not disgrace the name!
Wunder bridge you can ride it.))))
And it costs more ....

As the saying goes, Russian proverb!
He laughs best who laughs last!
A star-studded mattresses, it's time to go home,
there they let them dry, the borders of the mattress are guarded.
and not to be dragged around the world to people, to live interfere.

If the Americans claim that there was an 2 unsuccessful start-up, you can draw the following conclusions:
1. pan-fry as usual, the missile is there.
2. unsuccessful launches do not mean anything, since the business is new and the failures will be accurate.
Nuclear fuel is practically safe to use, it simply hangs on a wall at a nuclear power plant. Exhausted is another matter. The contamination of the terrain in the event of a launch by the enemy does not matter, and in the case of experienced launches either will be present, or may fall in one piece in a sturdy casing that can later be taken away.

If you're ashamed that you're a Russian man, wind up to your pindos, your grandfather will spit after you from the coffin

1 world unfortunately

Do you read the comments and wonder what people are talking about? About anything, but not about the content of the article. For me, for example, its content raised some doubts about the statement of VVP about such a rocket in principle (I did not hear his speech). What is a nuclear-powered rocket anyway? The engine does not go anywhere, and therefore the missile itself must have a nuclear warhead, otherwise it makes little sense, contamination of the area is guaranteed in any case. The missile cannot have radiation protection, it is too heavy. Therefore, the storage of such a rocket itself is unsafe (in addition to the radioactive radiation of the charge, radiation of the fuel will also be added. It turns out that even a "dirtier" rocket than rockets with a depleted uranium core ... There is something to be proud of.

guessd-37 years I served in the PWO-in theory this is so-but in practice, low-flying targets with a weak reflective surface are detected late-not even have time to play the alarm-BACH

For all the comments on the article, there is a good anecdote: on the plate there is the inscription "BURNING THE DOG" below the BAD and further on. COME, SUCK ON THE MOST NOT WANT. An answer to the article is one: you should not even try.

Until recently, no one even knew about the development, but right now everything is up to date when how many flown by? do not make me laugh.

As for the cannon of Russia, I will say this: "The one who laughs last laughs well !!!"

He laughs the one who laughs last.

Russia will still ask everyone!

Zheest, how much cotton wool in the comments ... ВАТА IMMORTAL!

Svetlana, what does the shops have to do with it? Work, bring the children right. Freebies will not. After all, you understand the same hikes in full ass, and then work on the qualification.

crimean war

Do not be afraid, do not be afraid of the Lord))) It will not hurt ...

Crimean War but there is no surrender \\ although we have consumed quite a lot.

What nonsense is it to discuss the news of a TV channel, especially such a "truthful" and "respected by us" as CNBC.

Pay reparations, dear Lis - reparations!

In order to drool do not run it is necessary to work. And to earn more you have to be a highly skilled worker. It is not clear where Putin is? He does not earn you money? Work selects? They got used to freebies.

As always, the Yankees have everything in order with logic, math and conclusions ...
For 120 seconds 22 miles, and 4 seconds 5 miles.
Now that their pants are full, they naturally jump in and start a campaign to scatter diarrhea about how bad in Russia and how poor, stupid, hopeless is the Russian army.

Yeah, of course it's easy! :-)
It's like a sportbike at a speed of 200 km / h knock off the oncoming bike, going with the same speed, but not in a straight line, but wagging. Only all this is not on the road, but on some salt lakes.
The American THAAD system has this logic. There, the enemy's flying objects are "knocked down" by an accurate missile hit. In 30 years, they have succeeded only twice. But they claim that the system works! Rave.

1 world

Svetlana you slobber and wipe and earn a profit and crash yourself prophesy yourself with such beliefs. Begin with yourself at least with trivial trash in an urn, throw and not on the floor and your children learn this from taxes with all salary pay and not with sulfur and you will look better. Do not complain that we have worse than abroad and ourselves do something as they are right!

Sir, and tell me, in what war did Russia lose? Something is not remembered from the history of the fatherland, that Russia would sign an act of surrender.

Dear friends You however forgot after the Victory in 1945, Stalin forced to pay the indemnity to Germany and all the countries who helped her to destroy our country for 50 years and Khrushchev and before him the activist canceled it, that is, we will build ourselves and all the prisoners of war were sent home

8 sec is a test of the powder ejection charge, 2 min is a test of the accelerating engine and Che? The atomic block itself was successfully tested today.

Your deep knowledge in this matter is simply amazing

Can you say when China last won wars not on its territory? When the Russian Federation was running to seek alliances with the US, the US and in the project ne Bull-Russia defended itself beautifully and others!

Are they photographed by whose other spacecraft? MULTIPLE! What countries have such devices had at that moment !!!! There are still only one of them! Well, what about Andriy?

if the grandfather you have a hero does not mean that he brought you the damage), he at one time only for these would have put you to the wall in time of war) and it's a shame to him that such a pindos grandson hatched

And where is the evidence that he is from the moon? So what. 100 kg of stones and dust. And to sense. Better to live better? Have grown wiser, have grown or conscience has woken up? Money of the people on 100 kg of stones. Bravo bravisimo.

Have you seen it there, or saw a woodpecker?

you still write that russia never lost to anyone in the war. what kind of mentality is the total stupidity of the king is good and here are bad beria

Well, we do not need the authorities, for this reason we'll pile up a bunch, and after a bump and fall on us words can not cope with the control and because of missile errors, there are no 90% of citizens, and after they write here the USA in 2018 cranked, missiles refused

It's great that our "bosom friends" have such an opinion!
The stronger thongs will be made when this crap comes to them, unless they have time to do it ...))

But in 1968 in the landing on the moon did not doubt. Then people were smarter? ... Landing modules and traces of lunar rovers on the surface of the Moon are repeatedly photographed by cameras of other space vehicles

in reality, the technology is much more perfect than we are shown, for years on 10-15, so it's not a fact that they are not, you can only test it by running it into someone. But ...... this is an atomic war. Do not pull the death of a mustache.

seen all sorts of predictors, psychics and push through like a haha

The hypersonic object can be detected and intercepted by a conventional missile defense system located not only in the area of ​​its target, but also near its trajectory - an anti-missile, on a collision course! Moreover, in the final part of the flight there is only supersonic! The higher the speed of the object, the higher its inertia and lower maneuverability! So, on a counter course anti-missile it is much easier to intercept a high-speed object, than to dodge an object from an antimissile ...

yes Putin screams Russia ahead and go to the store and drool just flow from these prices I think we're not going forward to the full ass and the collapse of Russia

Putin is not the one to brag about.
If he said it means there is.
Pendosnya from his impotence constantly all derides. Be afraid to look at reality. Russia has repeatedly argued that it can not win victorious. The mentality of the Russian people is such.

Run to America. Hurry up. Without you, our air will become purer.

And what, for jeans you need conscience and decency to exchange?

And we have everything through ......... as you say because of such shameful as you. I'm not ashamed that I'm Russian. Personally, I'm proud of it!

From this van derwafe you opened all your mouths. So much so that you still can't close it. And about the "games" in Syria ... You play "tanks" and other toys on your computer. Sofa strategist.)))

What kind of Russian are you? An ordinary whiner who lives in Russia.

If you are ashamed that you are a Russian person, it means that your grandfather did not teach you that or you misunderstood the material.

Yes, you need to check. Find the addresses of these chatterboxes. Make the request public. To arrange a show for the whole world! And we will check who is breathing.

Actually, they left the flag there. You can fly and see.

Something they have then ARMATS cardboard, then the rockets are wooden. It is already a signal that the Pindos have nothing to say.

Armenian pike perch. See lecture by Mr. Klimov on Armenians

YES! Cool !!! global hypocrisy. Rockets are falling, our achievements are just super! We can not even make a serial car. My grandfather is a hero of the Soviet Union, and I'm ashamed that I'm a Russian person. A country with such resources and heritage in ....... You understand where.

here it was about the Catholics. I do not belong to them but the first Christians are Catholics. gospoda.dokazano that the atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city has saved a huge number of people. Maybe my father too. German fascism we hate but the Japanese we regret. he remembers for which he asked the forgiveness of the Japanese prime minister from different countries. I remembered the different countries where the regimes are ruled. It is the same that is to be lamented for the hussein and others like him. The part of them was created so we sat down korei.other we defended and today we defend the type of Syria. Soon again, Russia will wear texas instead of jinn.

All wrong. We sent the Lunokhod after the Americans visited the Moon. And lunar soil, we brought a few pounds, and the Americans - more than 100 kg. I do not remember the exact figures, many years have passed, but the order of the figures is this.

here is who first applied this hellish creation even then it was necessary to bring these pindos to Nuremberg and to condemn completely then there was no Vietnam, Iraq, Libya or Yugoslavia, and whether or not science is not aware of both the chaotic lawlessness and the nuclear one who dropped bombs with depleted uranium into Yugoslavia. And these lousy anti-ligents from the series of artists who pay more tama they and tusuyutsya generally those who give birth tama generally more in the country Russia does not let go tama earning dibs and as their tama no one perceives in passing lighten up the soul and body that wants to eat and live well

Here are just the evidence that the Pindos were not on the moon, even the Pindos themselves do not believe that they were there, and all the shots were conducted in Hollywood

I heard an interesting opinion here in the Museum of Cosmonautics, yes, they were the first to launch a man to the moon, but we were the first to send a drone (lunar rover) there, which even marked on March 8, they painted two "8" on the surface of the moon. This can be clearly seen in images from orbit. And our success in mastering the satellite is much higher - more images, more data, more lunar soil, our stations brought to Earth.

So there is a stick about the two ends, about their primacy.

Exactly, not only patriots, but still, there are a lot of traitors among the names. Unfortunately, such people are not Russia's achievement. Read the Bible. And their fate is unchanged.

There insurance is better)

You can see that you have studied history badly. All the filth in our land is created by Christians (Catholics), shamelessly robbing everyone wherever possible, at the expense of which they live.

I am for ! It is necessary to teach Pindos already.

And who was the first to create a nuclear bomb, who first applied it, who flew first to the moon, who created the Internet. Achievements for the US are no less than for the USSR (Russia in general has achieved nothing, it lives only remnants of the Soviet era (built for centuries)). And why are our politicians and folk artists going to give birth in the United States. You are not interested? Are not they patriots?

This is all for internal use, to explain why two doctors per hundred thousand people

It is immediately evident that you are an idiot who has decided that you are thinking something. This happens.

They will laugh, it will fall during tests.

she walked on foot

A good laugh is he who laughs without consequences

Of course, smart guy, we invest money in their papers, and we get a profit. But only, here's how much we invest and how much we get. Let's assume you invested $ 1 billion. This means that we have received profits of 3% of the billion. We are developing on these crumbs, and a billion works for the one in whom it was invested, often for an outright enemy. VERY profitable! Why not invest it in yourself !? And after a while, to receive profits many times greater, and developing their own economy. This whole "genius" swindle of our government smells very badly.

And let's send it to the USA. Let them check!

You should be afraid when everything works out the first time. This means latent defects did not appear and can come out later when there are hundreds of "products" and the cost of correcting them will be many times greater, and the work on correcting the defects that have appeared is more dangerous because the entire product line will have to be tested. So let's wait for the results ;-)

Come on...
Thus, American boys, themselves calmed, and yet sit on pots with three rolls of toilet paper.

And that no one is friends with mathematics? If you flew 4 miles in 5 seconds, and 22 miles in more than two minutes, then after the first five miles I was tired and walked)) CNBC clowns)))

Yes, THESE ZAOKEAN ZOOFILS ("hawks-sharks-gorillas") BY THEMSELVES BY THEIR STATEMENTS SOOTHE, and especially THE ORIGINALS OF THE STATES, as in the times when the USSR launched the FIRST SATELLITE in October 1957, and IN THE FIRST April 1961. Thereby showing that VANITY (in a "race" with the present-day Russia), the States will DROP !!!

A friend, as far as I know, is not bought by Putin, but by the central bank. I absolutely agree that it is terrible, absurd, stupid, and so on .. But the central bank in our company does not directly obey the state. To fix this it is necessary to change the constitution. And then the question is whether we have many people who know this and support the change in the constitution?

You will first study the economy as a science! We buy their bonds for profit. If you buy Gazprom shares, you finance it, but you also get profit from these shares. With bonds almost the same. Before you speak, understand foreign economic relations and rules of doing foreign economic activity!

The Wagnerians were destroyed by drones, so do not "bisser". It is not necessary to destroy, but to create, climb out of the deep F ... and begin to create acceptable living conditions for your people ...

So how is it? Have you already sold a lot? ))

And you, such a specialist, have forgotten! Immediately on this GDP must be reported.

They have the best equipment in the world. And you have reviewed the tales on TV

Putin throughout his years of government generously supports the US economy. And it says a lot. Instead of investing money in the Russian economy, instead of lowering interest rates on loans to Russian enterprises, he deduces tens of billions of dollars from Russia and hands them over to Russia's geopolitical adversary. Therefore, one does not need to trust his bravura speeches on a television set. With all his screwed-up quirks and Pontus, he was and remains a servant of the West and the United States.
In March of this year, Russia bought US bonds worth $ 13,5 billion and increased its investment in this asset to almost $ 100 billion. There is a perplexity: how is it that in the country finances sing romances, and we also help others!

So I want to argue with the Americans - will it fly to their super-volcano or not ... a bottle of champagne ... a child's.

enough and 22 miles if you let off with a submarine in front of the white house of the United States- and what else will the US say they simply have nothing to say

Laugh until you have to cry later, hang on and further noodles that Russia does not have anything, everything is wooden and sham is easier for us from this.

Stop spreading empty information. In the US, they always lie and bluff.

So far, only there is a helicopter carpet.

Yutoub to the rescue - nuclear engines of the USSR

Learning physics at school is not enough to judge what you do not know. Even at the beginning of the 70-ies of the last century, a Tu-95 aircraft flew over the USSR with a small nuclear reactor in the tail section. I personally disassembled this plane in 1984 year. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge ... And the science fiction is quickly realized, it is necessary to read more old fiction, in which there are also videophones, and submarines, and a laser ... In short, everything that we now use in everyday life, but it was described in 18 and 19 centuries!

Internet to help:
1. Principle of the jet engine operation
2. Atomolet (Creation of a prototype)
3. RD-0410 (on the issue of dimensions, given that the rocket will be used in airspace, it will be air that will be used as the expanding gas, which will reduce and simplify installation)
The main disadvantages are: the impact on the crew, which is not there, and pollution, but I think it's possible to pierce a potential enemy by a dirty missile.

carpet plane also equipped

"What do you think a nuclear reactor produces?" if not strange, but what is produced by a nuclear reactor is HEAT! and then heating the oncoming air flow as in a ramjet engine ...

A nuclear reactor generates heat. Next, search for "ramjet engine", for example, in Wikipedia. And replace the heating of the working fluid (air) instead of burning fuel with heating in the reactor core. And a lot will become clear.

Guys, I'm sorry, but who taught physics at school or only on eh. How do you imagine a nuclear engine. What do you think the nuclear reactor produces? And how to build a jet engine on this. And think about the dimensions of the unit with a controlled nuclear response. And also about the cost. I also really love science fiction, but that's too much.

To be with the Angles, do not be the Eastern Front, and remember Him in this dispute at least not properly. And who are you to decide who He will call your enemy? Please do not miss the nonsense and even so grandiloquently.

Especially you, I think so

Because in Russia everything is sold and even the state, if you have not noticed it yet)))

Realist, the missiles that stood on alert duty for the regulatory period was three years. Ie every three years a change of fuel, inspection and other # $ # $ # $ .. Whence did you dig it out, then what did you write? Figured it out myself?))

And where do these Western media know everything about the most secret secrets of the military, and much better than the producers of these secrets? Directly marvel at. You just do not go to earn an extra penny.

Well, judging by the fact that amerikosy as they wrote that they created (nuclear warp motor), I'm not surprised at anything. Taking into account the fact that they fly into space on Russian missiles

He is in the sky ... In the Embrace of Christ and Was ... And there ...

VANIA THIS IS YOUR ILLUSION AND YOUR CLEAN, YOUR ILLUSTRATIVE PERCEPTION OF THE WORLD OF REALITY ... "Hidden TV" ... False television information ... The Wehrmacht ... During the Second World War ... "Britain ... There are a lot of talents in NATO, and if you think that they serve, you are deeply mistaken only because of money ... Without any doubt, their monetary satisfaction is higher ... But They are Vanya Khristiane from Childhood and Will Fight for Christ, what they are doing ... Your "policy" ... "to kill" Christianity in the Holy Land ... 'Orthodoxy is a part of Christianity "... Departing from the joint monolithic doctrine, you and others like you become an enemy of Christ and humanity and life. ..

amerikosy laugh, laughs last because we can
to destroy them with just one shot, not a missile
and there was an amer and no, and there is a big Panama canal so if you want then you can
We are so angry that we can do this

Well, in fact, the message did not say a word about the fact that the rocket with the nuclear power plant is hypersonic, it was only said that it is winged. We hesitated to distort the information.

In place of Amers, I would not laugh, but I cried together with their military equipment

obviously provoke the trial, and they want to receive it on the e ...

Work on nuclear rocket engines started long ago, back in the 60. It is very good that Russia refused to freeze these works and brought them to mind. Let the Pindos babble anything. Will arrive - it will not seem a little.

Why do not you love yourself like that? Seryozha.

Do not worry you are so far. We can build rockets))

Laughs the one who laughs last!

It is correct to say "he who laughs last laughs WELL." Otherwise, you said nonsense ...

About the straightforwardness, the working body of which serves as atmospheric air and conversation. Others do not make sense. But it is not hypersonic, as they say above, but simply an unlimited range of nuclear power, until nuclear fires are developed or the wings fall off.

just a stupid start-up test, only the throw engine worked, which pushed the disc to the specified height and speed
do a throw test with a fully equipped missile - there are no such idiots))
and when it will be necessary to conduct firing with the defeat of the target, then it will fly to full
greetings from Lavrov, morons, b *** t))

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Kuz'kina's mother if you do not vkurse, this is a hydrogen bomb that the USSR once experienced. From which the blast wave has bypassed the globe three times. This is what Khrushchev said about it. And it did not pose problems for the Pindos. Our submarines have always been at the coast of the Pindos, and it would not be necessary to launch a rocket for a long time.

I want to pay attention to the technical ignorance of your authors. A rocket with a YAR and a reserve of working fluid can not have unlimited range. It is limited by the mass of the working fluid.
Unlimited range can have a missile with NRM which uses an external source - atmospheric air (direct-flow or turbojet) as the working fluid. Guys! Be more serious.

wishful thinking is a deshovy fuck of the Yankees

In the bent! And unbend smogosh?

Discussion of fake news

it would be better to bring your fu35 to mind, and then already 10 years are done, never done

The time of filling the product with two components was 8 min.
Products located on the B / D were always sent and in the state of starting preparation.

Well, you have a mind, even at the swing 3 version was not enough ...

He laughs the one who laughs last. They think what they will write, and will we give them all the development with drawings, like under Gorbachev? Let him laugh.

Gave .... Legendary

Avngarde is a real thing
Can dopilit to pendostan at an altitude of 50 km and speed 6 km / sec
Sufficient quality 2

And the Americans probably also do everything at once without testing? Not vkurse probably that first goes the development, then the tests, then the assembly and again the test runs on the engine check, this is the chip. What are they already three years about their deputy zavolot super heaped, mega cool and very expensive do not write? It is worth to get out of the port and immediately breakdown, the poor already 4 year can not swim before the tests. And about sawing, first, look where the Pindos billions on paper put into service, Tipo gay bomb, gas fart and other Labuda and say that it did not cut the money and the real chip :)))

Khrushchev at one time also threatened to show the whole world "Kuz'kin's mother", which was still in development, and in fact at that time our ballistic missiles could only be launched after they were filled with fuel and oxidizer, which took at least 2 hours - not they could have been filled for a long time - the oxidizer corroded the tanks. At the same time, the Americans' missiles had a launch time of 3 minutes, and if the Americans wanted to attack the Union, they would have done so with impunity. And now we scare them with something that does not yet exist, perhaps they will be afraid.

do not calm yourself - everything is in order all according to plan and the most important thing is not what you can not do

In Russia, all loots are sawed, but the bridge is built, the cosmodrome is built and this is not the first construction. Defense is the first topic, so there is no reason to doubt the reality of military missiles. This missile is subsonic, Putin said that it flies with a circumvention of the terrain, supersonic missiles are difficult to make such pretzels. During tests, it is possible to separate the nuclear engine from the rocket at the last moment and lower it by parachute, then there will be no contamination of the terrain. In general, these are famous things. I think the demo flight of this rocket is just around the corner.

The dog barks, and the caravan goes. If it says that there is in Russia, then it means that there IS. DO NOT believe - their problem.

yes noha laughter. Time will come, their companions blindly blinded.chutlovtsy znayut.drisnyak wormed when the shed-shagan zavisli.kolko minutes we would have pomuryzhili, still in orbit dangled by.DB!

He laughs best who laughs without consequences!

At this, loot is sawed, and we, like dogs, break down among themselves, so prices rise, that the sawflyers grow appetites. A vovka that, said to sit quietly, so he sits. He's at work, but, as we work, everyone knows.

So this rocket is hyper sound or winged? absolutely two different types of weapons!

So if it were launched with a nuclear engine, then it was necessary that it fell outside the Russian Federation. And how then to check the parameters? And most importantly - the quality of the skin?
No, well, if the Pindos so want, then the first one with the engine (even without a nuclear charge) can be sent to Zhmerynka)))

you forgot to ask ....

Strange reason. Edak can be about anything, like - it was necessary to first build the Crimean bridge, and then crow, or - it was necessary first to build stadiums for the World Cup, and then crow ... well, etc. shorter.

And that he is at home on the stove is yours? How can I carry all the crap? And in general, why not to parrot, if there is anything.

Make sure that the return line in the form of a "couple" does not arrive. Otherwise, you will not be able to appreciate anything either, anika-warrior.

Why was it necessary to boast and frighten Americans with non-existent weapons?

Yes, and the cartoons were pretty bawdy quality, I did such when 3D Max3 mastered, yes threw it. See the experts and just something that understands the Kremlin walls have long ago left. And who wants to go collectively collect soup.

As the author thinks, a rocket with a nuclear engine goes into flight and ... flies to the end of centuries? Or does it ever fall? The rocket is not an airplane, it does not sit in the proper place, but it will fall and break. And the contamination of the scattered active fuel will amount to a stain, as from a small atomic bomb. Of course, when a rocket delivers a nuclear charge to the point of detonation, the fate of its engine will not interest anyone, but in peacetime, no one will be able to arrange a spread of the active stuffing of the engine. So, the nuclear engine tests at the stand, separate from the rocket, and the rocket itself is launched with a fake. The accelerating unit outputs the product to its normal mode, and then turns off. Accordingly, the rocket falls. That's the whole solution

Putin is also engaged in the country - how scared - Merkel, then the macron with Abe jumped. Now, with the exception of the trampics

These missiles do not. And there is no laser. And the dagger is an air-to-surface tactical missile to destroy fortified points. And Russia will have to fight with China. This is the only country ready to put 50 and more than a million soldiers and even immediately allocate millions of 100 people to populate the captured territories. And the Russian Federation will run to seek an alliance with the United States, in order to repel the enemy once again.

Or maybe it's better to study the country and not to scare anyone.

Experts, Laughed so that the pants were wet, and the smell went.

As far as I understand, speeches about the hypersonic qualities of this rocket did not go on in the first place - the author confused something. It was about her ability to fly for a very long time at the speed of an ordinary cruise missile, which allows her to have an unlimited range of flight and fly around all areas of the ABM systems.

We must send them a couple, if that ... Only they will not be able to appreciate it, because there is nobody, nobody will. There will be a big boundless vacant lot.

It was necessary first to make this rocket, and then crow about it. And now we are in an idiotic situation.

The next sentence is yaksPerdov.



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