McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II


In the United States crashed attack aircraft

Marine Corps Assault Crash in USA

The portal reported that the McDonnell Douglas AV-20B Harrier II attack plane crashed in the United States on Monday, May 8. The aircraft was used by the Marine Corps. It crashed near the village of Havelock (North Carolina). The pilot ejected, but due to his injuries was taken to hospital.

There are no reports of civilian casualties, nor of the destruction on earth. The military cordoned off the crash site. An investigation into the incident. The portal notes that the military, representing the corps, did not give an explanation about the circumstances in which the attack aircraft fell, as well as about the task that its crew was carrying out. recalls that the United States Naval Forces and Marine Corps in 2018 suspended AV-8B Harrier flights. This happened in Djibouti, the place where the American permanent and only base in Africa is located. Then it was done after the attack aircraft crashed during takeoff.

Three days before the incident, on May 17, the South Dakota F-16 National Guard fighter crashed. This happened when he performed a training flight in the skies of the state of California. The fighter crashed into a warehouse near the air base. Breaking through the roof of the building, the plane stopped among the boxes. The pilot managed to eject. The cause of the disaster was the failure of the hydraulic system.