In the USA, they complained about the reckless actions of Russian pilots

In the US, they complained about Russian military pilots.

The United States said that despite the extension of the START-3 Treaty, the real risks of military clashes between Russia and the United States of America still exist. Oddly enough, but Russia is again to blame for everything - according to columnist Ralph Clam, Russian military pilots create tension not only in the Black and Baltic Seas, but also directly threaten the United States with flights near Alaska.

“There is one problem with Moscow that requires immediate attention and deserves a cooperative effort: the growing number of close contacts between the US and NATO air, ground and naval forces and their Russian counterparts. Any of these clashes imply the threat of rapid escalation if something goes wrong, such as a mid-air collision, which has become more likely due to the reckless behavior of the Russians during some of these incidents. Numerous photos and videos show that, while maneuvering close to US aircraft and warships, Russian fighters and naval ships at times exhibit unprofessional and extremely dangerous behavior in violation of international air and maritime safety standards, which is hardly a good basis for risk avoidance. The US and NATO high commanders have publicly complained about such incidents, but to no avail. Representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry, for their part, deny that any of these maneuvers were unsafe. "- сообщается in the material of the American observer.

In fact, the United States is paying attention to the fact that the Russian military is to blame for everything, however. for unknown reasons, the military observer does not explain the reasons for what American military reconnaissance aircraft and strategic bombers are doing a few tens of kilometers from the Russian borders, being thousands of kilometers from their military bases.

“Any“ dangerous ”flight of Russian fighters, oddly enough, is associated with the appearance of American military aircraft near Russian borders. Perhaps, there has not yet been a single case when fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces would rise into the sky in order to create a threat. Let's go for a provocation - get an answer ", - emphasizes the analyst


continents beguiled

and this recklessness has been with us from time immemorial

Russian pilots (our aces colonels and lieutenant colonels) are not reckless when performing assigned tasks. and specialists of the highest, I would say, creative skill, which, of course, Americans do not like.

And during real military clashes, God forbid, they will start crying that we are not fighting according to their rules ?!

We did not invite you to our borders, you were warned, you do not understand, tough measures will be applied to violators, the time of the striped is over, stay at home

Who asks them to fly up to other people's houses, or in their concept they can, and then wait at your stella with a fakplum for our drying, our moments, they like the white swan there! ..

There is nothing to "circle" at someone else's house, then you won't have to face an "evil" owner!)

If the United States does not fly over the Russian border, then Russian aircraft will not create such conflicts. Russia is doing the right thing, I support them with two hands.

I agree. It is high time to pay "immediate attention" to the fact that the military aircraft / aircraft did not approach the borders (land and sea) closer than 150-200 km. And then they flew from Koenig only 6 km ..., at Sevastopol they hang over the balconies.

The range of US pilots from their territory is 30 miles. All the rest - let them not cry.

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Absolutely shook the shores.