The United States offered to attack Russian warships with F-35 fighters

The United States proposes to use its F-35 fighters to attack Russian warships.

To combat the warships of the Russian Navy, the United States and European countries - NATO members plan to use F-35 fighters. According to the US military, today it is the most effective means of countering the Russian fleet.

As follows from the information provided by The National Interest, the ships of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy can be suppressed by the attacks of the F-35 fighters of the US Air Force, Poland and Norway, while these combat aircraft can also be used to indicate targets for American warships. in the event that the latter are within the radius of strikes with Tomahawk cruise missiles.

“In the event of large-scale hostilities with Russia in the European theater of operations, the United States and the Alliance will use their entire (non-nuclear) arsenal to counter Moscow. F-35 fighters of the Air Forces of Denmark, Poland and Norway will be able to track Russian warships in the Baltic Sea and transmit their coordinates to American destroyers for strike ", - the newspaper reports.

Russian analysts, in turn, draw attention to the fact that the Russian military is armed with modern air and missile defense systems, and a strike from the United States will almost certainly be repelled.

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