The US has proposed to fight the "invisibility" of Russian submarines by radical methods

The United States proposes to start fighting Russian submarines all over the planet.

The US military has denied earlier claims that it knows the exact position of every Russian submarine, proposing a radical method of dealing with Russian submarines and their "invisibility." So, the United States has plans to use a whole network of aircraft to track Russian submarines and calculate their sufficiently accurate location in order to gain complete control over the movement of submarines.

In fact, as noted by the American media, with reference to the military representatives of the US Navy, today the US Navy and reconnaissance aircraft do not have the ability to control all Russian submarines, and therefore, the use of an entire network of aircraft will give much wider opportunities for countering Russian submarines.

“When the Russian Navy recently returned to conducting large-scale submarine exercises in the North Atlantic Ocean, alarm arose in European capitals. Unsurprisingly, the countries with the largest maritime forces - Britain and Norway - have chosen to join the American P-8 program. Other European Allies prefer to seek a local solution, but have come to realize that an interim response to the growing submarine threat will be required long before a new European anti-submarine aircraft becomes available. A request for proposals for the provision of this temporary aircraft was sent in January 2020 and a winner was apparently selected. If Washington takes the lead in promoting AIM2S, it will firstly eliminate the emerging submarine threat, secondly, reduce the pressure on the US Navy, thirdly, it will facilitate the interaction of allies and, fourthly, will support thousands of jobs in USA", - reports the publication "Forbes".

On the other hand, analysts see in such an offer to the United States a benefit in the sale of its Boeing P-8A Poseidon, although the capabilities of these aircraft are very limited - today it is known that these anti-submarine aircraft could not track even a Russian submarine in the eastern Mediterranean. sea, and an attempt to establish the coordinates of the nuclear submarine in the same Atlantic may even turn into a lottery.

The well-known F-35 with its corporate developments and finishing is in the memory. And now the Pentagon does not want to use it, because The F-35 will still gobble up the same amount of customer money. I would not give a cent to the Americans for their development. )))