In the United States offered to shoot down Russian planes, even in international space

The USAF offered to shoot down Russian planes even in international airspace.

Against the background of the unexpected appearance of Russian strategic bombers Tu-95 near the US borders last Tuesday, the US Air Force commander was offered to shoot down Russian military aircraft even in international airspace, as reported by Vzglyad.

"In the comments to the post of the command of the aerospace defense of North America (NORAD) on Twitter about the interception of the Russian Tu-95 and Su-35, the Americans stated that Russia is not a friend of the United States and its planes must be shot down.", - reports the Russian edition "Sight".

Remarkable is the fact that such “tips” are inadequate, in particular, Russian military planes suggest first to shoot down, and then ... apologize, and this despite the fact that the Russian strategic bombers Tu-95 were hundreds of kilometers from the US border.

It should be noted that the emergence of Russian strategic bomber-rocket carriers near the borders of the United States was a complete surprise to the Pentagon, not to mention the fact that the American F-22 did not succeed in disrupting the mission of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Have you already had after the downed Russian aircraft? Not? Then, the creature, shut the bread slicer while she can still chew.

Inadequate pinhasas want to shoot down our planes in the international space. This is a war and then our need to knock on the red button and the hell with it America. Fry Pindos atomic griddle.

Practice shows that if you shoot down a Russian plane, the Russians will carry you gas at their own expense

Russia needs to try out the US proposal on NATO aircraft!

I’ve been saying for a long time - I shot down and apologized - Russia has more opportunities - we’re less likely to visit them

First you need to bring the power of the Status to 300 megatons. Fortunately, the tsunami does not threaten the world with a nuclear winter.

Shameless verbiage of American generals is nothing more than the agony of NATO.
Require from Great Russia ?! - Isn't it easier for them to demand from the Lord God?

If the current managers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (generals and colonels of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the FSB) allow our enemies to take the military initiative in their own hands, they will be held accountable before the military tribunal.
Proceeding from the current political situation in the world, complex and unpredictable, our Army should be led by highly professional commanders from the general staff, with unlimited powers on matters of war and peace. Who understands well: a preventive nuclear strike against an aggressor is far from a panacea; The main strategic blow must be delivered immediately to the complete destruction of Washington!
A hundred-plus years of his crimes against humanity with impunity are more than a reasonable rationale.

And why only one Status-6. Desyatochek, and then just apologize will no longer need :).

It seems to me that you need to play according to the rules that we are offered. in this case, you can tell your partners that we’ll start bulletting off Satan’s racquets to dispose of them somewhere in the direction of Saturn. And where they actually fall is the problem of the partner. And why not?

You have a curious look at the implementation of routine tasks by strategic bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces. This is their job. As for the "age" of the devices themselves, read the opinion of military experts (and not only Russian): there are few "strategists" in the world who can compare with ours.

nothing will be as usual

That's good, but let them not joke with Russian airplanes, but somehow, as if they didn't get their way through the beating.

I wanted to fart, but you can also crap one's pants.

This "old" has the most modern stuffing and snarls so that it does not seem like it ... As for age, the only US strategic missile carrier B-52 is even older and practically not modernized, and in Russia there is that 160.

Hey strategist, couch, and you yourself go to the trenches? Or just let Vanek protect you?

We need to run 6 Status in the United States and apologize too if it happens to anyone ...

It is time for our generals to understand that by sending similar junk to the American shores, we are provoking the enemy to destroy our aircraft. The lesson in Turkey does not teach anything. Who will need your excuses then. Who will kill the pilots?

Although someone's eyes are not blinkered.

Pindos, and you try, well, if you live tired, come on, that in vain tongue grind? You idiots will not understand, the Russian people can not be intimidated by anything, we ourselves want to intimidate.
Well, weakly!

Do you remember what happened in Turkey when our plane was shot down? If not, let me remind you - a coup attempt initiated by the United States. And the order to attack the Russian plane gave the general associated with the conspirators. The goal is as clear as day - to embroil Turkey with Russia.

Offered and offered. The only question is who will want to shoot down our plane. The Ukrainians would probably have shot down, but the Tu-95 is a bomber, and they specialize only in passengers.

I totally agree!!!!!!!

when it comes time to choose: die or retreat, the Yankees will definitely choose to retreat, because they will never fight a strong opponent, the mentality is not the same. But what kind of offended little dog to incite, it can. And they can shoot down and apologize, the Turks shot down and they didn’t have anything for it. Tomatoes do not count))).

Americans are not a nation, but a rabble of waste from all nations

In this case, the Americans will receive an answer when planes are shot down in batches in the Baltic, Syria, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea basins. We will arrange a second Vietnam for them, which will be the last for them.

Apologize will be spitting blood.

Then there was the Great Country, not a corporation for withdrawing money from Russia

Yes, they will not wipe, but just with hawk. their grandmother then they lie.

it's only the beginning. GDP sold the country. but pretends to resist. but how hard to believe in it

Pindos are ready to fight? They are afraid to die, miserable warriors. This is the most vile and cowardly nation in the world.

Chinese aircraft Pindos shoot down exactly be afraid. But about ours - I doubt it. First, we recall our plane shot down by the Turks, and secondly, our rulers have all the grandmothers in Western banks, and many of them have wives, children, and real estate. Therefore, under the current authorities Pindos can not be afraid of tough answers of the Russian Federation to any boorish actions against our country. But for the power is still insulting.

Why shoot down, with the Patriot, with them in a drunken elephant x
you will get)
Let them try, find out what Russian aggression is.
If our not zassut, as always ((((

And I wonder why he has all the awards.? For Vietnam, Afgan, Caribbean, at that time he was sitting on a push and playing sea battle.

for starters. but at least take out the old decommissioned ship and say the Western media. and the ship should be the size of a pendos destroyer, and in the eyes of the Western media shy away from CYRCON, can then calm down a little

And they are not afraid that we will shoot down their planes?

Just assholes. As long as they apologize, we’ll cover them. This is already a war.

And the Korean Boeing did not teach them anything?

There are many idiots in any country and it’s good that they do not rule. Shoot down the missile carrier in neutral territory and even with nuclear ammunition on board?

He said well, but unfortunately in the Russian government such as Viktor is probably the majority.

Amerikosovskie DRISTUNA we go to you.

Empty cheeks and shaking the air))) Let them pochkout!

Cut down their electricity, they will destroy themselves.

Crap the Yankees ....
I read that they were there on Twitter spawned, did not register to pour them "butter". Let friends.

Well, that is, the crew receives a signal about radiation, sees a rocket and is released from its cargo, and the cargo is already programmed for specific purposes.
Apologize to someone?

Well, Aunt Lucy in the kitchen also told the loader Vasya who works in the local newspaper that it was necessary to sink American submarines in the neutral zone.

and if we made a statement to shoot down NATO airplanes, this is a declaration of war (!!! ???)

Dear, and you yourself are what you produce? Breadwinner, I think that in your life you have not done anything with your hands.

Shoot down is bad, but teasing the approach to the border is not bad? People are freaking everywhere.

Just lost the edge of impunity. It's time for them to do a goat face somewhere.

Bravo Magomed!

Your happiness that I do not give a big red button.

it's time I can't wait either

These cowboys, which are much only kill unarmed, we must shoot at any end of the globe, and stop their mouths when they bark at Russia, our fellows drenched them in Korea, Vietnam, in Africa.

Magamed you are the most Russian of all those present. BEAUTY.

".... a tooth - for a tooth ...", business. And then .... saw kakosy. that after the Turkish version there was no answer and here you are - eat (

They, it seems, do not even realize that it will be possible to play this “game” together.

You are not Victor, you are Vitek. Wrong you called.

Before this monster falls, it will empty its gut, and it will be worth 6 (six) million lives. At a minimum, and by time, 30-40 minutes.

Vitek, are you from a grunt from a pigsty of a stinking and prostituted immigrant gang that rushed after a piece of sausage to Parhat Brighton Beach? Or are you our cheap liberal biomass sofa — from which, even from a distance, PSIN?

Ishak named Victor why do you speak Russian? You’ll sell your mother for three dollars ...

Lost already visible Korea and Vietnam, veterans see everything in the reserve are gone, young people remained unbroken

No need to dramatize the situation. This said inadequate military, which we have enough. This is not an official leadership position.

And they will bring down this old stuff, and ours will be wiped out, though they will make some noise for the view.


This pendos srachka started from fear. These morons do not understand what a strategic bomber with nuclear missiles on board. From theirs pedosni greaves will remain.

You can offer to sink their ships in neutral waters, as an option.

you can sink the aircraft carrier and then oh we have a torpedo jumped out

and maybe at least the gum from the pants to learn to sew, its not there !!! you have a car and what a phone and clothes and a zhrachka?

It is also necessary for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to read out a similar message to the NATO Armed Forces, as they are not close friends to us either!

And can the United States demolish, and then say that they looked askance at us? How are they?

It is from fear that they chatter with their teeth.

Yes, in general, it's time to, * Avant-gardes * test on am.match parts