USA and Turkey


The United States offered military assistance to Turkey in the fight against Russia in Syria

The USA and Turkey are again best friends, and Russia is the main enemy.

James Jeffrey, US State Department Special Representative for Syria, said that Washington fully supports Turkey in the fight against Russia and Syria and, if necessary, is ready to provide Turkey with the necessary assistance in the fight against the “Russians” and the Syrian army.

“Russian and Syrian government forces are a source of threat to Turkish troops located in the de-escalation area in the Syrian province of Idlib, said James Jeffrey, Special Representative of the US State Department for Syria, on Tuesday.“ Today, the military of our NATO ally, Turkey, is facing a great threat in Idlib. This threat comes from Russia and the Assad regime, "he said, responding to questions from journalists at the airport in Ankara."- сообщает news agency Interfax.

Experts do not exclude the possibility that such statements may indicate new US attacks on Syrian territory, especially since Washington has already made similar statements.

“If the United States wants the war in Syria against Russia“ for real, ”then the Russian military may well arrange it. Coastal missile systems will easily sink NATO ships in the Mediterranean Sea, air defense systems will bring down any aircraft within the radius of their destruction, and US bases will easily be destroyed by Iskanders. If Washington wants such a scenario, he will get them. ”, - the expert marks.