In the United States, the pursuit of small-aircraft turned plane crash

Light American aircraft, leaving the chase, crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

Single-engine light plane Lancair Evolution, having made the flight from Phoenix airport, headed for the city of San Bernardino, however, reaching the end point, the pilot continued the implementation of the flight and stopped responding to air traffic controllers' requests. According, because of the threat, the two fighters and a tanker aircraft, that started the persecution of small-engine aircraft was lifted into the air, and it began to get in touch.

Attempts to force the pilot to land small-engine aircraft, were not successful, and when the American fighter pilots attempted a warning shot, the plane suddenly made a dangerous maneuver and hitting the water surface of the fuselage, it is literally torn to pieces because of the high speeds and sudden engagement with water.

Currently, there is no information on the status of the pilot, and an investigation is being conducted into the crash.


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