Lights in the sky Syria


In the United States threatened to shoot down Turkish aircraft in the airspace of Syria

The US military deployed air defense systems to protect Syrian airspace.

A senior US military source said that the airspace over the northern regions of Syria is currently completely closed to flights of any aircraft, and if necessary, fire will be opened on the latter.

According to some reports, American air defense systems are deployed in the northern part of Syria and fully control the airspace in this region. Moreover, witnesses report that American planes were repeatedly seen in the night sky, which may indicate the fact that the United States seriously decided to oppose Turkey

Experts, in turn, believe that such a statement is intended primarily to influence the Syrian democratic forces, since the likelihood that Washington decides to act against a NATO ally is too small.

“The United States has practically no chance against Turkey in this region. Today, the Turkish Air Force has a lot more combat aircraft and air defense systems than the United States has in the Middle East. ”, - the analyst notes.

According to experts, Turkey may begin to strike in northern Syria within the next 24 hours.